Past Events - NWA Meetings

These articles show games and activities held at club meetings. The meetings are held at two locations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne: Mitcham on alternate Friday nights and Croydon on alternate Saturdays. The articles include lots of photographs.

Mitcham Meeting 13-Feb-09

090213mitcham40aThe recent bushfires were a topic of conversation in amongst the games being played. A raffle raised money to help affected members. A good variety of games were on display including Lord of the Rings, Field of GLory, Napoleonics, Dogfight and American War of Independance.

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Mitcham Meeting 30-Jan-09

090130mitcham34aDespite the current renovations of the church hall and the stifling heat, the members had a great time at our first Mitcham meeting for 2009. Flames of War, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40K and Warmachine were just some of the games being pplayed.

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Mitcham Meeting 11-Apr-08


Have a look below at many of the games being played at the Mitcham venue during this meeting.

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Mitcham Meeting 28-Mar-08

Field of Glory (FOG), Hordes of the Things (HOTT), Western desert during World War 2 using Flames of War, Epic: Armageddon in 6mm and also the full size Warhammer 40K were some of the games underway at the Mitcham meeting of NWA on 28th March 2008. The Old West campaign also continued, with plenty of gunplay.

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Mitcham Meeting 14-Mar-08

Have a look below at just some of the games being played at the Mitcham venue during this meeting. I did not have time to photograph all that was going on, but the AWI game was extremely well presented. Even better, the players of all ages had great fun.

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Croydon Meeting 8-Mar-08

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