Past Events - NWA Meetings

These articles show games and activities held at club meetings. The meetings are held at two locations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne: Mitcham on alternate Friday nights and Croydon on alternate Saturdays. The articles include lots of photographs.

Croydon Meeting 23-Jan-10

100123croydon25aNWA's first meeting of the year was at the Croydon venue on Saturday 23rd January. This was the first opportunity to find out what members had been doing over the Christmas break. And laugh at the optimistic New Year's resolution. These often involve painting all the figures tucked away in drawers before buying any new ones. A noble aim, but one that wargamers have been failing at for many years. There were also a few new faces welcomed to the club to start off the year.

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Mitcham Meeting 6-Nov-09

091106mitcham06sA great turnout with lots of different games - historical, fantasy and science fiction. Brendan put on the Making Barricades tutorial and provided a huge bits box to allow this to happen.

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Mitcham Meeting 11-Sep-09 Sale Night

090911salenight25sThe second sale night for the year was held at Mitcham on Friday night the 11th September 2009. Many club members were able to multi-task: hunt for bargains as well as play a good wargame or two. It was great to see so many visitors to the club, whether they were buyers, sellers, browsers or just there for a chat.

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Mitcham Meeting 27-Mar-09

090213mitcham40aThe recent bushfires were a topic of conversation in amongst the games being played. A raffle raised money to help affected members. A good variety of games were on display including American Civil War, DBA, Lord of the Rings, Dogfight and American War of Independance.

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Croydon Meeting 7-Mar-09

090307lotr189ajsAs well as a variety of other games, there was a Lord of the Rings tournament at this meeting on 7th March 2009. The tournament was very popular, with a large number of participants joining in the friendly competition.

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Croydon Meeting 21-Feb-09

090221croydon132aHere are some photos of just a few of the games being played at the Croydon meeting on 21st February 2009. Napoleonics is always popular at Croydon, as is Lord of the Rings. There is often Warhammer Fantasy, role playing and many other games.

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