Past Events - NWA Meetings

These articles show games and activities held at club meetings. The meetings are held at two locations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne: Mitcham on alternate Friday nights and Croydon on alternate Saturdays. The articles include lots of photographs.

Croydon Meeting 19-Feb-11

110219croydon26sNWA's second meeting for the year at the Croydon venue was on Saturday 19th February.

Lots of interesting games happening plus a visit from War Game Miniatures. The French General at left didn't have things all his own way.   

To find out why and see some of the photos from this regular meeting, click on the "read more" below.

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Mitcham Meeting 3-Dec-10

101203mitchamThe last meeting at Mitcham for 2010 was also SILLY HAT NIGHT. Many got into the spirit as you can see by the photos below. Everyone enjoyed the games, including a multi-player game of World War I Dogfight, Field of Glory, Napoleonics, Secrets of the Third Reich, Flames of War.

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Sale Night 21-May-10

100521salenight07sNot only a Mitcham meeting with games aplenty, but also our popular Sale Night. Bargains galore were the focus of attention from NWA members and visitors alike on Friday 21st May 2010.

See some of the photos of the sale and the many different wargames being played. Just click on the "read more" below.

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Mitcham Meeting 7-May-10

100507mitcham38sLots of games packed into the main hall made for a great atmosphere once again at Mitcham on Friday night 7th May.

See some of the photos and the many different games being played at this regular NWA meeting. Just click on the "read more" below.

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Croydon Meeting 6-Feb-10

100206croydon31s"There are even more tabletop wargames at NWA than there are Frenchmen" this British General is thinking about NWA's meeting at the Croydon venue on Saturday 6th February. The usual variety of games and most of the usual suspects were there, along with some new faces.

See some of the photos from this regular meeting by clicking on the "read more" below.

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Mitcham Meeting 29-Jan-10

100129mitcham20aThe first meeting at Mitcham for the year was a roaring success. A great turnout with lots of people and lots of games. The venue renovations are complete, including a shiny new floor.

The committee was kept busy fixing the trestle trolley, accepting membership fees and greeting members. Everyone had a chance to catch up with what they had done over the break. Thanks to the Committee and Neil for helping with the trolley, Sean for kicking off in the kitchen and John for fundraising.

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