Croydon Meeting 2-Mar-13

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130302croydon14sContinuing the trend of the meetings this year, Croydon had a large turnout on the 2nd March.

A megagame of English Civil War was accompanied by 3 Napoleonic games, The Hobbit, Malifaux and Warmachine. These games covered a variety of scales and rules. Of course, the role player's were having fun as usual.

Click on the "read more" below to see some pictures of these games that were being played at NWA.

English Civil War Mega Game

Lots of players vied for the privilege of being Parliamentarian or Royalist in this English Civil War game.


Napoleonics - Cold Steel

Two Napoleonic games were being played using 25mm figures and the Cold Steel rules.

Napoleonics - Field of Glory Napoleonic (FOGN)

Our President and Treasurer were helping Mike learn how to play FOGN. A Prussian brigade (equivalent to a French corps in size) was attacking a French corps. The centre of the French was holding firmly. The French General thought that the hill on their right wing would be a good defensive position for two regiments of conscripts. However, they struggled to retain cohesion in the face of the concentrated fire of 4 cannon batteries (2 units in FOGN). Two cavalry units were eventually launched at these conscripts. One was counterattacked and pushed back by the French right wing cavalry.

But the other Prussian unit succeeded in breaking one unit of French conscripts and causing the other conscripts to hastily retire, opening up the flank of the French front line. With some further successes against the French left, the Prussians carried the day.

The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings)

Here the Dwarven heroes try to escape from Goblin Town aloing the ricketty platforms. Jeremy has done a fantastic job painting up the recent releases from Games Workshop which link with the Peter Jackson film based on Tolkien's book. Games of The Hobbit use updated rules of the popular Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Not a lot has changed, but the tweaks have added further interest and choices for the player without spoiling the great play balance of the original rules.


Brian and Danny were battling it out in a game of Malifaux. Brian was using Silurids and Danny's leader was the Witch Hunter - Sonia Cridd. Danny was surprised at how far the Silurids can move in a turn and the match turned into a tough one. Sonia's crew eventually ran out winners 4 points to 2 in a close game.


Brendan invited some old friends back for a game of Warmachine.