Pirate Mega-Game 2 21-Sep-12

120921mitcham032sAvast there lubbers! Pirate September continued at Mitcham. The Pirate Mega Game moved into the final rounds with even more players joining the fray. To add to the fun there was also a prize for the best dressed pirate Captain.

Click on the "read more" below to see some pictures of these pirate games and others that were being played by NWA members and guests.


Pirates Mega Game - Legends of the High Seas

The final two rounds of the pirate mega game were enjoyed by all those playing; plus the many spectators that kept an eye on proceedings. Mike Goldyn was pirate-master, keeping all the games running smoothly. The rules used were Legends of the High Seas, an excellent set of skirmish rules based on the Lord of the Rings skirmish game.

Pirate Terrain

The pirate terrain was put together by Mike Goldyn, Ian Hemmings and John Shaw, with contributions from other NWA members.

Pirates Battling on the High Seas

The battles continued on sea as well as land as the pirate crews vied for supremacy.

Pirates on Land

Best Dressed Pirate Captain

Pirate captains dress to impress and these captains were no exception. Tom Brake won best dressed pirate.

Force on Force

As well as pirate battles there were many other games. This included the modern Force on Force game brought along by Mike Parker of Battlefield Accessories. The US forces were tasked with searching for insurgents in the town.