Pirate Mega-Game 1 15-Sep-12

120915croydon009sAaarrgh, me hearties! September is pirate month at NWA - in celebration of "Talk Like A Pirate" Day. At Croydon the first 3 rounds of the pirate mega-game were held. There were plenty of takers in search of plunder, plus a great variety of other games.

Click on the "read more" below to see some pictures of these games that were being played by NWA members.


Pirates Mega Game - Legends of the High Seas

Pirate crews are favourite amongst many NWA members during the month of September. The first 3 rounds were held, with many pirate captains sending their crews forth for the first time. 

Pirates at Sea

Each pirate crew in Legends of the High Seas starts with a small ship that boasts two cannons. Some of the scenarios involve ship to ship combat. The ships must cause enough damage to slow down the opposing ship before a grappling action can be attempted. Ramming is possible, but there is a risk of damaging your own ship as well.

If the pirate vessel has a crows nest, then sniping can occur from this high vantage point. One of the scenarios starts with the ships already grappled and a furious hand-to-hand battle can then take place to see who gains control of both ships.

Pirates on Land

Pirates, privateers and even marines can make up the crews in Legends of the High Seas. Led by a Captain, a pirate or privateer crew can be seeking treasure such as gold, jewels or even the Governor's daughter.

Pirates After Death

Undead pirates are attacking the walls of a fortified town in search of treasure. Even after death, these skeletal pirates still enjoy looting and fighting.