Croydon Meeting 15-Sep-12

120915croydon060sNot just pirates, but troops of all sorts were taking part in many different games at the Croydon venue of NWA. Napoleonics in 25mm and 6mm, Lord of the Rings, Malifaux and Warmachine were some of the games being played in addition to the popular Pirate Mega-game.

Click on the "read more" below to see some pictures of these games that were being played at NWA.

Pirates Mega Game - Legends of the High Seas

Pirate crews are favourite amongst many NWA members during the month of September. The first 3 rounds were held, with many pirate captains sending their crews forth for the first time. See the Pirate Mega Game article for lots more pictures.

Napoleonics 1 - Lasalle

Some of our Napoleonic members were trying out a game of Lasalle using 6mm figures (this is a scale of 1/285th to 1/300th). The fighting centred around a large town. These figures give a great representation of the massed ranks of Napoleonic armies.

Lord of the Rings 1

The Uruk-hai were pillaging a Rohan village, intent on burning all the houses to the ground. A small force of defenders had to hold them off, whilst waiting for the arrival of a mounted patrol. This was a tense game, with the good side having the advantage of mounted warriors. Both sides were taking casualties early, but the Uruk-hai were in a good position against two of the buildings whilst the good side regrouped.

However, the evil creatures had trouble early on setting fire to any of the buildings. The good side pressed the Uruk-hai back. Some fires were finally started, but the Rohan quickly put these out. The evil creatures grouped together in the centre of the village, then launched a mass counter-attack which finally destroyed the resistance, after some hard pressed fighting. This left the evil side plenty of time to discover the secret of fire and complete their mission. 

Napoleonics 2 - Cold Steel

Prussian and Russian troops fought against French with Italian allies.

Malifaux 1

Malifaux is a fantasy skirmish game set in an alternate world. Magic and strange effects abound, but there is also plenty of up close fighting. Opponents usually have completely different aims and some of these can be secret, so making the game very interesting and very different each time. Using interactions between creatures takes a bit of thought, but the end result can be more powerful than each creature on their own.

Lord of the Rings 2

Shelob and the Spider Queen led the denizens of evil agains the "tin cans" of Gondor. The Spider Queen did not long survive, but Shelob wreaked havoc amonsgt the "crunchy" men. Shelob's note to spiders: Roast over an open fire or wait until these "crunchies" go gooey. Do not try cooking them in a microwave oven unless you remove their tinfoil coating first.

Despite the fearsome spiders, the men of Gondor eventually prevailed, but not before losing many valiant men.

Malifaux 2

Seamus can turn into a larger than life character who looks very much like Mr Hyde from the film "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".