Mitcham Meeting 1-Jun-12

120601mitcham41s With the first official day of winter upon us, it was a good time to be indoors wargaming on Friday night the 1st June. The Mitcham heaters were running to keep the outside cold at bay as many different games were on offer. This included role playing and a first attempt at Saga – a skirmish game about Vikings.

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Saga – Viking Skirmish

Saga is a new set of rules for dark age skirmish. Several members, including Mark and Tom, were having a game to see how the rules worked out. Although there are many races to choose from, the Vikings are always a popular choice.

French and Indian Wars

Set in North America, this skirmish game saw the attack on a fort. Helping with the defense was a cannon in one of the corner towers.

D-Day – Flames of War

With the upcoming event over the long weekend of Model Expo at Sandown racecourse, the Flames of War team were organising their D-Day game. Shown previously at an NWA Open Day and more recently at Little Wars Melbourne 2012, this is always a popular game and a great looking display.


The Napoleonics group were playing Cold Steel in the peninsular with Spanish and British against the French.

Super System

Batman and Captain America were once again in action in this game of superheroes using the “Super System” version 3 rules. James and Brendan have tweaked the rules slightly for more interesting play.

Lord of the Rings

Two games of Lord of the Rings were being played. In one, Jeremy and Travis were using a dragon and helpers to battle an army of Dwarves.

Field of Glory - FOGA (Ancient & Medieval)

Clash of regular opponents using 15mm figures.

World War 2 – France, 1940

The French were actually doing well against the Germans in this early war battle using 20mm figures and the “Book of Armaments” rules.

Crossfire (World War 2)

Crossfire is gaining more followers and thee was a new family team learning the rules from maestro Michael this evening. Unfortunately for the team,their carefully hidden anti-tank gun missed on its first shot at the German tank trundling down the paved roadway.


Tony continued with his campaign.