Croydon Meeting 4-Feb-12

120204 1404 Croydon 081s jsAnother Saturday afternoon at the Croydon venue of Nunawading Wargames Association. Early February was the first meeting at Croydon for 2012. Two games each of Lord of the Rings and Napoleonics were there as usual. Plus there were games of Secrets of the 3rd Reich, Pirates and Warhammer 40K.

Click on the "read more" below to see some pictures of these games that were being played by NWA members.


One of our members Jason has taken over the Mind Bogglers hobby shop from Phil. Phil has been a great supporter of NWA over the years and is retiring due to ill health. He is of course still active with his Lions Club volunteer work and with NWA.

The business is right near the Croydon cinema and is now called the Croydon Puzzle Box. Jason brought some tempting goodies so NWA members could get to know about his new business. Amongst other thing, some of the new figures for Malifaux were very poular and snapped up very quickly.

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Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.

Pirates - Legends of the High Seas

Pirate crews are favourite amonst many NWA members and most meetings now have more than one pirate game. Their fleet of pirate ships is expanding as well. Today's battle was based around an island fort. 

Secrets of the Third Reich

Secrets of the 3rd Reich was fought amonsgt the walkways and building complex seen here. Just enough time to roll a smoke in between the bouts of fighting.

Lord of the Rings 1

Two assaults occurred against Jeremy's newly painted fortress. A difficult exercise for the evil side, but the catapult helped to reduce the defenders on the walls. Only a few Orcs managed to make it on the walls against Gandalf and Forlong the Fat. The defenders proved adept at throwing down ladders, causing many orcs to fall to their doom.

Napoleonics 1

Prussian and Russian troops fought against French with Italian allies.

Warhammer 40K

Tau with their Kroot allies were clashing with Blood Angels in this futuristic battle.

Lord of the Rings 2

Poison arrows abounded from the Harad archers. Luckily the Gondorians were dressed in heavy armour, which helped to reduce their casualties. The Haradrim were led by a dark Ringwraith - foul servant of Sauron.

Napoleonics 2

Old foes were pitted against each other in this Peninsular battle.