Mitcham Meeting 18-Nov-11

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111118mitcham13sThe Mitcham meeting of Nunawading Wargames Association on the 18th November covered lots of different games. There was more jolly pirate action, WW1 dogfighting, the usual popular napoleonic match, some Secrets of the 3rd Reich, an unusual version of Field of Glory plus some typical World War 2 action.

Click on the "read more" below to see some pictures of these varied games that were being played at Mitcham by NWA members.

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Pirates - Legends of the High Seas

Following on from the success of Pirate Night, several of our hardy souls are continuing to campaign with their jolly bands of buccaneers. This is an easy to learn set of rules for skirmish battles, which have the added advantage of campaign rules. This allows pirate bands to buy additional equipment and gain new skills. But beware - you have to roll to see if casualties during the battle are actually dead or have gained permanent disabilities. 

World War I Dogfighting

More dogfighting fun with another multi-player game of "Canvas Eagles". With lots of players and planes going everywhere, just being good is not enough - you have to be lucky as well to come out on top.


The Napoleonics group were playing Cold Steel. They are gearing up for their regular huge New Year bash, with the plan this year to play Wagram. Because this was such a huge battle, they are varying the figure scale, so that units are half the size and 1 unit become 2.

Secrets of the Third Reich

Secrets of the 3rd Reich is taking off, with 2 games running this night. Captain America was again in the action, as was a horde of zombies.

Field of Glory - FOGA (Ancient & Medieval)

This was an interesting variation of FOG. To teach the game, Geoff decided to use DBA size armies (12 elements). This made it quicker and easier to learn the rules.

World War 2

As usual, World War 2 was being played at Mitcham.

Crossfire (World War 2)

Crossfire is a skirmish level game which does not require tape measures. It has an interesting initiative system, where a player retains intiative until losing it by not succeeding at an action.