Pirates in September

120915croydon0095.         Pirates in September IV:

September is once again Pirate Month at NWA. Mike has organised a series of fun events to join in. This year’s “Pirates in September IV”will be somewhat different than previous years.


Click to see the details of the small, large and mega games available to join in.




Here are the important dates during September –

5th September (Mitcham) – Practise Games. Games can be organised in a friendly fashion with an aim of reacquainting players to the nuances of “Legends of the High Seas”.

13th September (Croydon) – The Pirate Mega-Game – “Against All Flags”. No more pairing-offs or separate rounds. This is pirate v. pirate v. all other comers. It will be one game that will run for the entire day. This is where you will need a sturdy (or scurvy) crew and fast ship to play (so, don’t waste the opportunities of the ship building sessions). See below for further details.

19th September (Mitcham) –“International Talk like a Pirate Day”. This highlight of the NWA piratical annual event will encompass a variety of pirate-themed games, a special scurvy-curing menu and the pinnacle of the festivities, the Best Dressed Pirate competition. Games on offer include:

  • Legends of the High Seas
  • Cutlass
  • On the Seven Seas
  • Empire of the Dead

Even if you’re not completely convinced about playing pirates, please try and get into the spirit of the pirate theme and play games with a piratical/nautical feel – raids from the sea, seaborne invasions, pirate aeronefs, corsairs, space pirates, etc.

27th September (Croydon) – Piracy for Fanatics. If you haven’t had enough of pirates, the final NWA meeting for September will feature a re-run of the successful game of “Pirates: The Kraken’s Archipelago”.

6.         “Against All Flags” – Pirates Mega-Game:

As stated above, this pirate mega-game will be played on Saturday, the 13th of September, at the Croydon venue. The game will commence at 11.30AM and finish at 5.30PM.

Registration for the game is mandatory. This is required because:

  • To determine teams;
  • To have a relevant number of objectives prepared;
  • To determine if the table size need to be increased.
  • To supply players who do not have their own ships and crew with such equipment.

Registered players will receive (via email) a copy of the mega-game rules. Registrations must be received beforethe 6th of September. Register by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A few details to whet your appetite:

·        The game table will be 18’ x 16’ (12 tabletops; 288 square feet), divided into four long tables. This is the minimum size.

·        Rules – “Legends of the High Seas” (modified).

·        Players are allocated into teams for the sole purpose of determining initiative. This, by no means, determines any alliances.

·        Players can choose to be either sea-borne (crew and ship) or land-borne (crew only). This is open to negotiation.

·        Crews – 1 x captain; 2 x heroes; 3 x crewmen armed with muskets; and 6 x crewmen armed with swords and pistols. Try to comply with WYSIWYG.

·        A ship model is recommended. All ships will be rated the same. Small and medium sized ships will be used for the game.

·        If you have a crew but not a ship, there are two options – 1) we can loan you a ship (limited, so you must register), or 2) you can be a garrison in one of the five ports.

·        You do not have to play for the full six hours. You can enter or leave the game at your convenience. However, please state with your registration what your intentions are.

·        Full game rules to those players who register.