Cheezecon 2009

071027wfb25October is always the month of Cheeze at NWA. Cheezecon is a series of fun "tournaments". Aimed at getting people to try games they don't normally play, or only play occasionally, or for the experienced to have a bit of a laugh.

Warhammer 40K, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer Fantasy, Necromunda and many more "tournaments" were run with prizes won for not doing really well!

What is Cheezecon!

Cheezecon tournaments are events with a difference. No need to strive relentlessly towards victory. No need for argumentative rules lawyering, and if you can't paint like a master no problems, no points there either. To win you need to come 4th - Any one can come 4th! It is a tournament designed for non - tournament players!

Cheezecon is a bunch of fun one day tournaments for various games, especially suitable for beginners but still fun for the experienced players. The tournament is designed so that you can play any army, gang or posse you want, without having to worry that it is too weak, too strong or just too plain stupid. In fact we encourage stretching army selections and even give bonus points to players for "exploiting" rules in fun ways. Hence we can proudly promote our tournaments with the following statement :

Even tournament games should be about fun rather than rules!

Cheezecon 2009 Program

Now in its 10th year Cheezecon keeps growing. Play in only one or two tournaments only, or enter the Highlander competition by paying for three tournaments and getting free entry into the fourth tournament and automatic entry into the "Princes of the Cheeze Universe" competition - with a special prize to the person deemed cheesiest of the whole con!

The events are

Saturday 3-Oct-09 at Croydon (10am to 5:30pm)

"Ultra Blue Vein Cup" -Warhammer 40k - Click here for details


Munchkins board game - Click here for details

Friday 9-Oct-09 at Mitcham(7pm to midnight)

"The HOTT Fondue" - Hordes of the Things - Click here for details

Friday 23-Oct-09 at Mitcham(7pm to midnight)

"Lord of the Cheeze Rings" - Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game - Click here for details


"The Roquefort" - Necromunda - Click here for details

Saturday 31st at Croydon (10am to 5:30pm)

"The Munster" - Warmachine Hordes - Click here for details


"The Limberger" - Magic the Gathering Card Game - Click here for details

Saturday 14-Nov-09 at Croydon (10am to 5:30pm)

  postponed from original date of 17-Oct-09

"The Brie" - Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Click here for details


"The Good, the Bad, the Cheezey" - Legends of the Old West - Click here for details

All tournaments will be $10 entry for the single day/night of 4 rounds per game. For this you get the most fun tournament you will ever play in, and a chance at some great prizes from our sponsors. Or signup for the special entrance fee of $30 and you can play in any 4 tournaments and get entry into the extra "Prince of Cheeze" competition. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. subject "Cheezecon"

My thanks to all the great game shops that support Cheezecon:
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Milsims (
Mind Games (
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