060707mitcham4aThe miniatures game of Warmachine developed out of a role playing game using the Iron Knigdoms as its background. The miniatures game is placed in the western continent of Immoren, on a planet known to its inhabitants as Caen. This western area, known as the Iron Kingdoms, is divided into four main human kingdoms.


On the western part of the continent of Immoren are the four main factions which are all trying to assert control. The continent provides great resources which has allowed the factions to build powerful armies to oppose each other.


Other groups exist in this world. Cryx is a group of islands in the ocean off Cygnar. It is ruled by the Dragon Lord Toruk. It is the base for pirates which prey on the traders and seafarers of the Iron Kingdoms.

Ios is a secretive country with closed borders. It is a land of elves, which are fading away. Rhul is the country of the dwarves which is trying to remain neutral in the wars between the Iron Kingdoms.

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