The United Union of Dwarves


lordharold2The United Union of Dwarves. A Horde of the Things Adventure written by Richard Bradley.

Learn how Lord Harold brought the clans of the Dwarfs together to face their foes, after years of fighting each other.

A Hordes of the Things Adventure

The United Union of Dwarfs (U.U.D.)

Richard Bradley

For centuries the various dwarf clans had fought bloody wars against each other, hatred runs deep in the hearts of the Dwarf. Ancient wrongs and betrayals are not easily forgotten.

During the strife of the 4th Civil War the Dwarf lands were often invaded by their enemies, taking advantage of the disunity. In 1657 came the most vile and evil threat of all, an Undead army from the Northern wasteland made an evil pact with the lizard men of the Western jungles their goal, the extinction of the Dwarf.

As the evil host advanced through the Dwarf lands destroying each realm in turn one Dwarf lord realized the only way to defeat the invader was through the combined strength of the various Dwarf realms. That Dwarf was Lord Harold of The Grey Beard clan.

The clan of the Grey Beard’s army was built on a backbone off robust infantry and famous sharpshooters. Lord Harold realized to beat the invader he would need to add maneuverability, brute force and cunning to his army. “An alliance must be formed!”

With this in mind he married off his youngest and some say least attractive daughter Gertrude, to Lord Barry of the United Miners Federation (U.M.F.), famous for its mining exploits not to mention wealth (fortunately the dashing Lord Barry had not met nor seen a picture of Gertrude or there would have been no wedding).

Now Lord Harold had the not only the brawn he needed for the U.M.F. had many warriors riding mighty Beasts into battle but also the cunning he sought as the U.M.F. was famous through out the lands for their cunning plans. The clan was known for its cheating at cards but that is a different story altogether, suffice to say never play ONO with a U.M.F. member.

The last thing Lord Harold required for his army was manoeuvrability, for this he looked to the Copper hills in the North were the wild Dwarfs dwelt. Naked they lived in the cold barren hills and in battle they fought leading packs of wild chimpanzee’s whipping them into a frenzy of hatred and fury.

There was one thing that was dear to the heart of the wild ones from the Northern hills, their gods, and there was only one thing that they needed to do to keep their gods happy. Each full moon there had to be a sacrifice of a Wood Elf on the sacred Mount Freezeybutt.

This was indeed a stroke of luck. For many years Lord Harold had been collecting Wood Elves keeping them in a pit out the back of the his house for the young dwarf children to throw rocks at on a Sunday morning after church.

So the United Union of Dwarfs (U.U.D.) was formed. With this combined force Lord Harold at last had the tool he needed to face the invading Lizardmen and Undead.

Artillery. I wouldn’t stand there if I was you.

Grey Beard Infantry. Don’t stand in their way.

Lord Harold. Grumpy old bugger.


Magician. Workin’ on a rock pile.


Grey Beard Infantry

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