Club Information

The Nunawading Wargames Association was established in 1977 when a group of local wargamers decided to form a club with meetings at Blackburn East Primary School. By the early 1980’s the club had become well known in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. During the mid 1980’s grew stronger as a result of merging with (absorbing) a couple smaller clubs and moved meetings to Nunawading High School.

Throughout the 1990’s the NWA’s membership continued to grow, building a national reputation based on the quality of it’s DBM players and play testing, and developing a number of wargaming rulesets. Membership across the 2000’s and 2010’s outgrew its single venue leading to the club moving to church halls in Mitcham and Croydon, with 40-60 people regularly gaming at weekly meetings.

In recent years the NWA has formed a relationship with Blackburn and Croydon branches of the Returned Servicemen’s League (RSL), holding weekly meetings on alternate Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

The club’s members are all dedicated wargaming hobbyists who share a passion for toy soldiers, researching historical periods (including fantasy and science fiction universes), painting, modelling and rolling dice in a safe and inclusive social setting.

Whether you are already an experienced gamer, just starting out or interested to find out more, the NWA is a great place to delve into the world of tabletop miniature wargaming, board-games and role-playing games. You will always find someone to help you learn how to paint miniature figures, make great scenery, improve your tactics and above all, have fun.