Gladiators – Introduction

White uniformed Gladiator

White uniformed GladiatorGladiator combat was a vicious sport that was popular in the ancient Roman empire. Men, women and animals fought in one-on-one combats up to large group combats. Some were prisoners captured by the Roman army, who saw this as a way of life preferable to rotting in captivity in a cell.

Although rare, it was possible for them to gain their freedom by being successful and popular with the crowds.


The fearsome battles of the Roman gladiators have been brought to life in many famous films; althoughdetails were not always correctly portrayed.

There were crowd favourites, as with the chariot racing, but the lifespan of a gladiator could be very limited.


Click here to download the Gladiator rules by John Shaw in Microsoft Word format.

These rules are available free as long as credit is retained to the author. All rights reserved.


The Gladiator rules allow players to recreate the deadly excitement of Gladitorial combat. Bring to life the vivid scenes from films like Spartacus or Gladiator in this fun and easy to play game. More players means more fun.

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