Games 2008 9-Aug-08

9-Aug-08 GAMES 2008

The premier event for NWA each year is our open day where we showcase many of the wargames we play and encourage the public to watch and join in. Games 2008 was held at the Croydon venue for the fourth time. The standard of the games was extremely high this year. All the members and visitors put huge amounts of effort to ensure that the displays were spectacular. Voting was the closest it has ever been, with only a few points separating the place getters and many tables just missing out on a place. Well done to all our members and visitors.

To see lots of photos and to find out details of the visiting clubs and traders, click on the links below to go to each of the pages.

Games 2008 | Stage | Main Hall 1 | Main Hall 2 | Back Room | Helpers & Traders

1st place for Best Table

2nd place for Best Table

3rd place for Best Table


1. Greetings


2. D&D Miniatures
3. French & Indian Wars
4. Star Wars Miniatures – Hoth


5. World War 2 – Eastern Front
6. Lord of the Rings – Osgiliath
7. Napoleonic – Battle of Hagelberg
8. Urban Wars
9. Necromunda – Zombie Master
10. Warhammer Fantasy Battles
11. Warhammer 40K
12. Epic: Armageddon


13. Advanced Squad Leader
14. World War 1 Dogfight
15. American Civil War – Fredericksburg


16. Helpers & General Views
17. Military Simulations
18. Dice by NASM
19. Sparrow Castings
20. Mind Bogglers
21. Olympian Games
22. Urban Wars

Osgiliath – Lord of the Rings

by John Shaw and Jeremy Shannon

Nunawading Wargames Association

Warhammer Fantasy

by Craig Wyton

Nunawading Wargames Association

American Civil War

by Charles Csabi and Gary

Nunawading Wargames Association


Warhammer 40K

World War 2

Napoleonic – Battle of Hagelberg

French & Indian Wars

World War 1 Dogfight

Games 2008 | Stage | Main Hall 1 | Main Hall 2 | Back Room | Helpers & Traders

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