Games 2005 13-Aug-05

13-Aug-05 GAMES 2005

The big event for NWA each year is our open day. This year, Games 2005 was held at our Croydon venue for the first time ever and we had a near record crowd to enjoy the day.

To see lots of photos and to find out details of the visiting clubs and traders, click on the links below to go to each of the pages.

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Games 2005 In The Main Hall

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Games 2005 In The Other Rooms

1st place in Best Table.

Battle of the Alamo

by Greg Blake



2nd place for Best Table

Lord of the Rings

Jeremy Shannon

3rd place for Best Table


Trish Shaw



D&D Miniatures,


Lord of the Rings,

Napoleonic 1813,

Battle of Trafalgar,


Scenery Making,

Spanish Armada Skirmish,

War Machine,

Warhammer 40k,


Warhammer Fantasy,

WW2 France 1940,

Napoleonic Re-enactors,

Fort Ticonderoga (Mulgrave Wargames Club),

Battle of the Alamo (Cannon Fodder Miniatures),

Battlefield Accessories,

Hall of Ancient Warriors,

Mind Bogglers,

Olympian Games

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