The NWA’s annual Games Day 23 is on again in August 2023.

Ever wondered what the world of miniature and tabletop gaming is about? Maybe have seen it online or in a shop window, had a friend talk about toy soldiers or bringing fantasy heroes to life, or had a desire to recreate the biggest battles in history or a futuristic world. Well now is your opportunity to see it all and experience the wonderful hobby which encompasses art, history, tactics and games.

Games Day 2023 will showcase a wide spectrum of miniature and tabletop gaming. Whether it be ancient battles with sword and spears, massed volley fire of muskets and ranks of soldiers in red and blue; airplanes dogfighting, ships conquering the seas, tank battles in the desert, noble elves holding off a horde of orcs, big stomps robots or armour clad super humans fighting alien hordes they will be lots to see and participate in.


Saturday 26th August

10AM – 4PM


Ringwood Community Centre, Bedford Park,

Rosewarne Lane, Ringwood

List of confirmed demonstration and participation games

Battle for Murukai Pass

Rival mercenary mechwarriors race agains time to secure a valuable cache of lostech.


Dragon Slayer

The paladin Sir Garavel and his band of brave adventurers are out to slay the mighty dragon Anglanchor the Great, King of the Fire Drakes.

Lion Rampant

The Nasty, The Honourable and The Beautiful

The bad guys have come to town and our heroes set out to save the ladies, drink all the whiskey and dig some new graves

Dead Man’s Hand

Hit the Beach! 
Invasion of Saipan

US Marines try to evict the Japanese from Saipan with an amphibious invasion of the Marianas in June 1944.

Chain of Command

Battle of Busaco

A refight from the Peninsula War in 28mm featuring Busaco Convent

TooFatLardies new Black Powder period rules

Fantasy Battles: the 9th Age

A rank and flank, massed army fantasy battles game. All rules, supplements, model ideas and background are free online

the 9th Age

Normandy 1944: 9th Cameronians in Operation Epsom

Command the 9th Battalion, Cameronians as they push west into the village Grainville-sur-Oden against the Das Reich SS panzer grenadiers and supporting Panther tanks

‘O’ Group

Encounters in Purgatory

Mars Code Aurora is an exciting Science Fiction skirmish wargame with fast combat resolution and a unique command system. Play with any miniatures you want.

Mars Code Aurora

Entropy City

Motorcycle gangs fighting for Territory, templates are used for turning and it uses a dice mechanic inspired by blackjack.

Game in development using D10s

That Devil Arkansas

American Civil War naval action on the Yazoo River

Dawn of Iron

Enemy Spotted Studios Showcase

Set in the present to new future, Incountry (modern) and Killwager (SF) offer brutal, fast and tactical games that require less than 45 minutes to play

Not Much of a Christmas Present

Caught by surprise in the dead of winter, the US army desperately rally to hold of the Germany’s last major offensive of WWII

Bolt Action

Mass Ranked Battles in 15mm

Recreate the largest battles in history from early Antiquity through to the late Middle Ages in 15mm. ADLG is a simple easy to learn ruleset

ADLG – Art De La Guerre

Napoleonic Battles in 25/28mm

There are many difference Napoleonic rules and “Cold Steel” is a ruleset developed in house by NWA members

Cold Steel

WWI Dogfight Over the Trenches

Become a knight of the sky, heroic and naive duelling in biplanes over Northern France and Belgium

Wings of Glory WWI

War of the Roses

Two powerful dynasties fight for the control of a kingdom, the Yorkists and Lancastrians. Set in late medieval England, on land and sea.

Never Mind the Billhooks

A Very Feudal Feud

The Norman conquest of England is over a century past and the countryside is in disorder as rivals compete for an empty throne and feudal lords skirmish to gain land at the expense of their neighbours

The Baron’s War

Custer’s Last Stand in 54mm

Four separated companies of the US 7th cavalry try and unite while they are attacked from all sides by local Indians

A home made simple set of rules .