FOGN Refight of Maria de Huerva


110814fognmaria30s The Battle of Maria occurred in the early part of the Peninsular War. The Spanish were attempting to push the French back out of Zaragoza (Saragossa). Blake was moving up from the south to put pressure on the French, in the hope of making them evacuate Zaragoza. Suchet decided to move out of Zaragoza to intercept him.

The main forces met near Maria du Huerva. It was Suchet’s first major battle as independant commander.


This battle was used to test playtest the latest version of the Field of Glory Napoleonic rules. It was a good choice because it was evenly matched and a small sized battle.

The Forces





The Setup


Add map of units.


Turn 1

The Spanish moved forward to engage the French before they could receive reinforcements.

The artillery batteries from both sides engaged in some sporadic and fruitless counter-battery fire.



Turn 2 – Spanish

The Spanish continued to move forward – slowly on the left with the weaker units and more aggressively on the right. The counter-battery fire continued with little effect.



Turn 2 – French

The French cavalry charged, having no respect for their Spanish counterparts. The battle was fierce and the swirling mass of mounted men became more and more disorganised. Just as the Spanish were wavering and thinking about retiring, the French cavalry lost heart and fled. As he tried to stop the fleeing horsemen, the French officer was struck down, but not before the Spanish officer died.



Turn 3 – Spanish

The Spanish did not want to charge the mostly untouched French. Worried by the artillery, Blake ordered the light infantry into open order to skirmish against the Fench artillery.


Turn 3 – French

Now outnumbered on his left flank, Suchet ordered the French right flank forward against the weak Spanish left.



Turn 4 – Spanish

Sp unit charges. Hesitated due to defensive volleys, but rallied and charged home.

Volleys not significant elsewhere. 

The disordered Fr unit routed. Habert died in combat.



Turn 4 – French

Fr right flank charged home. This was a risk, but they could not afford to wait too long or else their left flank might collapse before they could come to blows here. Surprisingly good shooting by the Spanish volunteers halted the Fr and even pushed back the rightmost unit.

Excellent shooting by the 114eme Ligne broke the Savoia. The Voluntarios Zaragoza became discordered as the men from Savoia fled through them, heading for safety.



Turn 5 – Spanish




Turn 5 – French




Turn 6 – Spanish










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