060707mitcham2aWarmachine is set in the Iron Kingdoms. There are four main factions in the kingdoms: Cygnar, Khador, the Protectorate of Menoth and Cryx. Each has its own special abilities and different style of army. The kingdoms can hire special mercenaries to add a missing link to their forces, in the hope of beating their enemies.


Cygnar has developed tehnology to a higher level than any other nation in the Iron Kingdoms. It is the richest of the established nations. One special attack that it can use relies on electrical energy. This can damage the cortex of enemy warjacks.


Khador is the northerly nation of the Iron Kingdoms. It is aggressive and ready to expand into the territory of others. Their troops are experienced and highly mobile which contrast with the slow moving warjacks. These are slow due to the very heavy armour and destructive armament. Their special attack involves slowing down the enemy by a freezing attack.

The Protectorate of Menoth is the religious kingdom. It split off from Cygnar and has now declared a holy war against them. Their troops need to combine together to give greater effect than individually. Their special attack is fire.

Cryx is the magic nation. Their necromancers use dark magic. Their troops use numbers to win and most of them consist of the undead. Their special attack involves acid.

Mercenaries are available for hire. They can create their own army, or sell their services to one or two of the main kingdoms. Many of them have special abilities, which can be used to round out an existing force.

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