DBR Introduction

DBR is a set of wargaming rules produced by Wargames Research Group in the UK. These have developed out of their popular DBA and DBM rules for Ancient and Medieval wargaming.

There are subtle differences which encourage the use of historical formations in order for armies to be successful.

Several club members enjoy the challenges of DBR. Notable armies are the Polish army of Michael Goldyn and the Swedish army of John McCartney.

Some cavalry used the Spanish method of ordered ranks moving forward in turn and firing their pistols. Other cavalry still liked to charge home into their enemies like the knights of old. Prince Rupert in the English Civil War was well known for the massed charge.

Renaissance artillery

Renaissance artillery was still in its infancy. Although it put great fear into some opponents, it could not win a battle on its own. The days of Napoleon’s grand batteries were yet to come.

Usually placed in position by civilian drivers before the start of a battle, they were unlikely to be relocated.

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