NWA Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Nunawading Wargames Association Inc. (hereafter “NWA”, the club or club) regardless of position or status. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to state the expected standards of members’ behaviour so that any person has an opportunity to enjoy any club meeting or public event involving the club.  

NWA exists to so that members may enjoy the hobby-related and social opportunities provided by membership. All members are to behave in a sensible non-threatening manner to all others, appreciate and respect the values and beliefs of other members and visitors, and behave in a manner that does not bring the name of NWA into disrepute. Any public disrepute generated by a club member reflects on NWA and subsequently all other club members.  

At NWA Meetings and events: 

  • Every NWA meeting and event is a public meeting because NWA legally functions as a social club open to attendance by visitors, so members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to public events. 
  • Exclusionary language such as racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic comments or slurs, or public displays of bigotry will not be tolerated. 
  • Acts such as unnecessarily heated arguments, shouting, insults, abuse and violence are not acceptable behaviour from NWA members.  
  • NWA members asked to moderate their language or behaviour have an obligation to do so.  
  • Physical violence on any occasion will be reported to appropriate legal authorities. 
  • The club accepts that respectful behaviour can vary based on a person’s cultural, spiritual and/or community background, and it is expected that members will be sensitive to such issues and be willing to adapt their behaviour accordingly. While NWA accepts a range of behaviour from its members the club requires members in a public space be considerate of others. 

At Public Events and in public places:  

  • Member are acting on behalf of NWA when participating in a public event (including, but not limited to, community festivals, NWA Games events and gaming conventions), they wear NWA attire (name badge, clothing with club logo, etc.), or they act in a manner which indicates a connection with NWA. 
  • NWA members are expected to conduct themselves in manner which promotes a good reputation of the club. Language, behaviour and interaction with each other and the public must be respectful and considerate. 
  • Members may encounter members of the public whose behaviour is critical or hostile towards the member, the club and/or hobby. In such instances NWA members will not exacerbate the situation. Should a situation escalate, the NWA member is expected to contact appropriate authorities (e.g. event security or Police) and not take matters into their own hands. Should a situation escalate to the point of violence then NWA members are expected to behave in a manner that is legally appropriate. 

NWA meets at venues that have a Victorian Liquor Licence must adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol laws. Should a representative of the venue make a request of a NWA member under these regulations it is the responsibility of that member to comply. 

Breaches of this Code of Conduct may be reported to and will be addressed by the club Management Committee and can result in disciplinary action, including a retraction of membership.