Turn Sequence



Carnage & Glory II has a turn sequence that is similar to many paper based wargame rules. The computer prompts for each part of the turn and keeps track of commanders and units.

The length of each turn is fixed and represents 15 minutes of real time in the battle.

Turn Sequence

Each turn represents 15 minutes. Sequence is :-

  1. Engineering: During this phase available combat units can engage in light field engineering tasks, which might include demolition, light construction and incendiary action. Units that perform engineering tasks may be prohibited from formation changes and fire action, and may typically incur fatigue loss.

  2. Movement: During this phase combat units can attempt to charge, change formation, double, perform passage of lines or voluntary routs and cross disruptive terrain. All necessary morale checks and fatigue loss is automatically calculated as required by the selected option.

  3. Fire Combat: During this phase combat units can engage in unit to unit fire combat. All necessary morale checks, fatigue and combat strength losses will be automatically calculated dependent upon the physical circumstances affecting and relating to the firing and target units.

  4. Close Combat: During this phase combat units that are determined to be actual or more realistically near physical contact are engaged in melee. All necessary morale, fatigue and combat strength losses will be automatically calculated dependent upon the physical circumstance affecting each unit engaged in the combat.

  5. Rally: During this phase combat units as required, due to weakening morale, can be inspected and rallied by general officers in an attempt to improve the units current state of order and morale level. Some general officers, depending on their leadership qualities and position in the army’s chain of command will perform this duty better than others.

  6. End of Turn: This phase is mandatory at the end of each game turn. The Army Initiative status will be displayed. The army with the better army initiative is given the option of moving before or after their opponent. This alternate move system avoids many of the traditional pitfalls associated with simultaneous movement. General officers will be advised of the receipt of new orders, and of their own personal morale status. Combat units are reviewed for compulsory reactions resulting from their combat experience of the preceding game turn. Any loss or improvement in fatigue, morale or combat strength will be automatically calculated and accounted. the system will update the prevailing weather, ground and visibility conditions and proceed to the next game turn, where the sequence is repeated.


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