CnGII Introduction



Carnage & Glory II is a computer moderated rule system. What that means is that you still play your wargame with figures (or counters if you prefer) aided by a computer program.

The program keeps track of the casualties and fatigue for your units. The computer can track this without the player having to look up a complex series of charts, leaving the player to concentrate on tactics.


Image from main screen of Carnage & Glory II

There are two parts to the program. The first part keeps track of your army lists and allows you to generate orders of battle. You can assign detailed ratings to commanders and units or have the computer generate it randomly. The second part keeps track of the units during a battle.

The rules can be used to fight a wide variety of actions although the basic unit is best set at battalion or regimental level. See the Carnage and Glory website for the huge refight of Borodino that involved a large number of players at one of the U.S. conventions. Any figure or ground scale can be used as the program works with men and paces, not figures or mm/inches.

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There is also a Yahoo discussion group.

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