Cheezecon – Hordes of the Things 6-Oct-07

Cheezecon is a wacky tournament you are having when you are not having a tournament. It is a fun experience and being competitive just doesn’t count.

The Hordes of the Things (HOTT) “tournament” was organised by the Cheezemeister himself – Craig Wyton.

Click to open the Word document with the details for Cheezecon 2007 – Hordes of the Things.

Cheezecon is a series of fun tournaments in a variety of wargames. They are a tongue-in-cheek celebration of standard tournaments. Ideally suited to beginners and to encourage players to try games they may not normally play. The tournament encourages players to take really “Cheezy” armies. These are the ones that are legal within the rules, but may stretch the boundaries. The armies may be really powerful or too weak or just a really interesting theme that might not do well in a normal tournament.

Co-ordinated by Craig Wyton, October has became “the month of Cheeze” at NWA.


Lizardmen army of Tom Brake.

Dwarven army advancing against the skeletons.

The line of Dwarves and undead clash.

HOTT allows for a variety of fantasy and science fiction armies to take the field.

Flyers are handing for zipping abut the battlefield.

High Elves with their spectacular shields.

The zombie elephant carefully hand crafted by Neil Hughes.

If you go round the woods today,

you’ll get a big surprise!

Flying reaper.

There are plenty of prizes and some rather wacky ways of winning them. You not only score points for winning games, but also for your army composition (how “cheezy” is it really). You get 4th prize for coming first (highest number of points). You get 1st Prize for finishing fourth. You win a prize if you come last. But since you get bonus points for losing every game it is not that easy to come last!

There are bonus points for having really “Cheezy” armies. But beware! There are “no prizes for second place”. No one can win more than one prize, so plenty of people walk away with a prize. And since all players get a chance secretly to use “evil manipulation points” to alter opponents’ scores up OR down, no one really knows who will win a prize until the last minute. It amuses the players and totally confuses the scorer. But that is part of the fun that is Cheezecon.


Well done to Geoff Kelly for taking out the first prize by coming 4th overall.

Note the bonus points are the absolute value (ignoring plus or minus sign) of the bonus points given to a player. The straight value of the bonus points form part of the total points for each player. For example, if a player is given -10 in evil manipulation points, it will count -10 to their total points, but +10 to their bonus points. If you are confused, that is good, because that is what Cheezecon is all about!

PLAYER Total Points Bonus Points Prize
Richard Bradley 95 55 4th prize (1st place)
Mark Chandler 79 59 No prizes for 2nd place
Brodie Mallegrom 79 79
Geoff Kelly 69 49 1st prize (4th place)
Yarrick 64 84 4th prize (most bonus points)
Neil Hughes 64 34
Will Kelly 63 33
Tom Brake 58 38 2nd prize
Jeremy Shannon 58 68
Dylan Hughes 51 67
Nick 44 44
Travis Stephenson 43 53 3rd prize (last place)

Skeletal chariots.

Mighty golden dragon with the samurai warriors.

A nice camp protected by the golden dragon army.

Close up of the lizardmen.

Champing at the bit.

Bantha raider converted by Richard Bradley and pressed into service by the Dwarves.

Jeremy Shannon cleverly made up bases to mount his Lord of the Rings figures for a quick conversion to HOTT.

Samurai versus Lizardmen.

John Waligora enjoying another solid victory by his Dwarves.

Skeletons and zombies are just dying to meet you.

Demons and monsters.

A mighty clash of arms (and tusks and bones and teeth and horns and wings and claws and spear and wheels and . . .).

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