Cheezecon – Lord of the Cheeze Rings and D&D 14-Oct-05

The month of Cheeze continued with two tournaments at Mitcham.

Lord of the Cheeze Rings was organised by Jeremy Shannon.

D&D Miniatures was organised by the Cheezemeister himself – Craig Wyton.


Mark Chandler had his first go at Lord of the Rings

Dwarves being bested by Easterling chariots and cavalry. Both were scratch built by John Shaw. The chariots are not standard rules, but appeared in a beautifully produced unofficial Lord of the Rings supplement called “The Age of the King” which can be found on the internet.

Easterlings attack the remaining Dwarves

A selection of the young, keen competitors

An experienced hand (left) teaches the novice (right) how to play

More happy competitors

Jeremy the umpire hard at work keeping track of the scores

All the trophies were magnificently painted by Jeremy

Jeremy announces who will be pitted against who

The Mumakil took most of the points in the Evil army of Travis

Doughty Dwarves

Heavily armoured Trolls

Danny, our youngest and very keen Lord of the Rings player, got 1st Prize which was for finishing 4th (that’s Cheezecon for you!)

John Shaw won 2nd Prize which was for the Most Coveted Army. This was won by gaining the highest number of votes for his Good and Evil armies. Appropriately, this prize was regarded as the most coveted trophy.

Travis Stevenson did not win a trophy since he finished in 2nd Place and there are “No Prizes For Second Place” in Cheezecon.

Mark Chandler got 3rd Prize for finishing last! (that’s the beauty of Cheezecon). Not bad for a beginner

Ben Shannon got 4th Prize for finishing in 3rd Place. This was because 4th Prize is usually awarded to the player finishing in 1st Place. However, John Shaw finished 1st but had already been awarded 2nd Prize, and you cannot be awarded more than one prize. So the prize then goes to the player who finished next. But, there are “No Prizes For 2nd Place”, so Travis missed out and so Ben got 4th Prize. If you followed all that, then you are capable of running a Cheezecon Tournament! 

Brodie Mallegrom won a trophy for most bonus points 


One of the trophies painted up by organiser Jeremy Shannon.

The figures are standard Lord of the Rings figures with magnets in the bases. The trophy block has a metal sheet on top. This allows the figures to be taken off and used in a normal game, then put back as the trophy at the end.

All the trophies were made in this clever way by Jeremy!


Craig organises the D&D Miniatures tournament

D&D in full swing


A quick refreshment before the battle . . .

. . . then Adam contemplates his next move in the dungeon


Adam wins a prize and is congratulated by umpire and Cheezecon organiser, Craig Wyton

Linda Wyton was just a little overjoyed at winning a prize

Another happy D&D winner

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