WW1 – The Challenge


040522wswa03aww1sThe challenge of World War 1 wargaming is to break the prejudices that it is boring.

World War 1 is often an overlooked period in wargaming. Many people see it as too difficult to game given the bloodthirsty and static warfare caused by the trenches on the western front.

But there are many ways of making an interesting wargame for World War 1.

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But trench warfare is well suited to skirmish wargaming. Larger battles can be played using rules such as Great War Spearhead, although it does take some practise to balance up games. Because the advantage is with the defender, the key is to set scenarios that think in terms of objectives rather than just a straight fight between armies of equal points.

Beautiful terrain can be made simulating the barbed wire, trenches and shell holes of the western front.


For mobile warfare thereare the battles of 1914 and 1918on the western front to consider. The eastern front was very fluid throughout the war. A popular choice, especially for Australians, istheMiddle East. This allows the exciting charges of the Light Horse at Beersheba.

The photos below are from a game set on the eastern front which was put together by the Mulgrave Wargames Club.



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