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  • Untitled post 2700

    At the edge of hearing. Like the sound of a feather falling. In the darkness, the whisper of sound was so faint, that he almost missed it. But the darkness was his friend. It may dim the eyes, but it enhanced his hearing. For a long moment, he heard nothing more. He fought the temptation to…

  • Untitled post 2705

    The White Coats were different. They did not sneak around like the other Necromunda gangs. They dressed and walked around liked they owned the place. Wearing their bright long white coats, they were distinctive as they roamed around. Their turf was known as the “Apartments”, a series of multi-story buildings. Mostly private rooms, with occasional sections that had once…

  • Untitled post 2666

    Sun glinted from the flaming dragon as it rose above the buildings. The flapping noise came not from its wings, but from the sail on which it was painted. The corsair ship Dragonfire rode gently at anchor as the sound of steel upon steel slowly died away towards the eastern end of the port.

  • Untitled post 309

    After a hiatus of many years, Epic is rising again and in force at NWA. Currently we have eight members who have armies up and running. There are some more NWA members who are digging through their garages and cupboards looking for their old Epic armies. There is an updated rules set available free for…

  • Untitled post 316

    An army in Epic: Armageddon consists of a number of units, just as in Warhammer 40K. Units are whole companies, rather than platoons. See the article for a sample Imperial Gurd army and some photos of Epic: Armageddon models.

  • Untitled post 361

    The ground scale used in Epic: Armageddon permits a game of manoeuvre to occur on a normal sized table. With each formation being roughly the equivalent of a typical 40k army and these being able to move around the table without necessarily being in combat from the first turn, it is clear that Epic caters…

  • Untitled post 369

    Epic: Armageddon is Games Workshop’s game of warfare in the 41st millennium played in 6mm scale. This means that the height of a human figure (Space Marine or Imperial Guardsman) is 6mm, which is a scale of 1:300.

  • Untitled post 1311

    Held at the Mitcham venue of Nunawading Wargames Association on a Friday night, was the Necromunda non-serious “tournament” for Cheezecon. The Necromunda “tournament” was organised by James Wright and Brendan Day.

  • Untitled post 1186

    James Wright ran a tournament for Necromunda at the Croydon venue for Nunawading Wargames Association Inc. (NWA) for fans of the science fiction game. Necromunda is a skirmish game set in the world of Warhammer 40K in the dark gritty future.

  • Untitled post 254

    Necromunda portrays the battle for survival in a nightmare undercity of the future. It is a skirmish wargame set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Players control rival gangs of fighters who battle it out for supremacy in a three-dimensional landscape of ruined buildings laid out on a tabletop. Games are quick but challenging.

  • Untitled post 419

    Warhammer 40k is a a game of tabletop warfare set in the dark future of the 41st millennium. You control powerful armies of Space Marines, Imperial Guardsmen, Space Orks, Battle Sisters or other deadly creatures such as Tyranids as they fight to survive on the harsh battlefields across the universe. Huge war machines, powerful supporting…