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  • Untitled post 389

    The men of Gondor stood ready to receive an attack from the combined forces of men from the east. Sauron had banded together Easterlings, Khandish and Haradrim in an attempt to weaken the men from Minas Tirith before a planned major onslaught. War of the Ring is a recently released rule set by Games Workshop which is…

  • Untitled post 597

    Several games of Lord of the Rings were played at Mitcham. John brought along his first module of the Moria scenery, which is the fun Watcher in the Water scenario. The Fellowship does not always have an easy time of it in this scenario.

  • Untitled post 309

    After a hiatus of many years, Epic is rising again and in force at NWA. Currently we have eight members who have armies up and running. There are some more NWA members who are digging through their garages and cupboards looking for their old Epic armies. There is an updated rules set available free for…

  • Untitled post 316

    An army in Epic: Armageddon consists of a number of units, just as in Warhammer 40K. Units are whole companies, rather than platoons. See the article for a sample Imperial Gurd army and some photos of Epic: Armageddon models.

  • Untitled post 361

    The ground scale used in Epic: Armageddon permits a game of manoeuvre to occur on a normal sized table. With each formation being roughly the equivalent of a typical 40k army and these being able to move around the table without necessarily being in combat from the first turn, it is clear that Epic caters…

  • Untitled post 369

    Epic: Armageddon is Games Workshop’s game of warfare in the 41st millennium played in 6mm scale. This means that the height of a human figure (Space Marine or Imperial Guardsman) is 6mm, which is a scale of 1:300.

  • Untitled post 291

    Warmachine™ is set in the Iron Kingdoms. There are four main factions in the kingdoms: Cygnar, Khador, the Protectorate of Menoth and Cryx. Each has its own special abilities and different style of army. The kingdoms can hire special mercenaries to add a missing link to their forces, in the hope of beating their enemies.

  • Untitled post 371

    Armies in Warmachine™ consist of three main types. Warcasters lead the army and use powerful magic. Warjacks add the heavy punch to an army. Troops are the majority of an army and fight in groups. A careful selection of all three is needed to build a force that is more dangerous than the individual elements.

  • Untitled post 373

    The miniatures game of Warmachine developed out of a role playing game using the Iron Knigdoms as its background. The miniatures game is placed in the western continent of Immoren, on a planet known to its inhabitants as Caen. This western area, known as the Iron Kingdoms, is divided into four main human kingdoms.

  • Untitled post 375

    Warmachine™ is set in the Iron Kingdoms. It combines some aspects of traditional fantasy with steam-power and gunpowder. Across the realm, ancient rivalries explode amongst the various nations into a wide spread conflict.

  • Lord of the RIngs – Making a Mumakil

  • Lord of the RIngs – Making the Mines of Moria