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    Two games of The Barons’ War at last Saturday’s NWA meeting. One Vikings v Normans using the Conquest supplement and then the Vikings fought an English force using the standard rules.  So this post contains my random thoughts, rambling and report from the first battle with some comments on the second. I got the Conquest supplement…

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    Since my last post I finished the four extra mounted heathguard made from Conquest and Fireforge sprues. Fireforge Mounted Sergeants These two knights are made using Fireforge horses and torsos.  To keep them in theme with the Norman/1st Crusades models in the warband, I used heads and shields from Conquest Games’ Norman Knight sprue. All the…

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    The Vikings that established themselves in Eastern Europe were known as the Rus. They established a expanding kingdom that eventually became Russia. The Rus have some interesting abilities on the “Battle Board” with great names such as “Biting Like Wolves” and “Endless Wastes”.

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    Saga is a game for playing Dark Age battles. The initially released armies and army lists centred around the British Isles and nearby countries. The main rules included Vikings, Anglo-Danish, Normans and Welsh. Due to the popularity of the game, Anglo-Saxons, Bretons, Jomsvikings and Scots were added in a supplement called “Northern Fury”.