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    Download the free Army List generator in Excel for Sword & Spear, a game for Ancient and Medieval combat by Polkovnik Productions and published by Great Excape Games. Updated to […]

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    Gladiator combat was a vicious sport that was popular in the ancient Roman empire. Men, women and animals fought in one-on-one combats up to large group combats. Some were prisoners […]

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    Chariot races were held in a circus, so named because of its circular shape. The oldest and largest circus in Rome was the Circus Maximus. Originally there was no building, […]

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    Chariot racing was the most popular sport in Rome, attracting bigger crowds even than the gladiators. Although some chariot races were held in the Colosseum, they were more usually held […]

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    Good charioteers became heroes. Each charioteer worked for a team. The teams were distinguished by a colour, such as Green or Red.  Great skill was needed and races were very […]