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  • Mounted Heathguard from Conquest and Fireforge

    Mounted Heathguard from Conquest and Fireforge

    Since my last post I finished the four extra mounted heathguard made from Conquest and Fireforge sprues. Fireforge Mounted Sergeants These two knights are made using Fireforge horses and torsos.  To keep them in theme with the Norman/1st Crusades models in the warband, I used heads and shields from Conquest Games’ Norman Knight sprue. All the […]

  • Sword & Spear v2.01 Army Lists

    Sword & Spear v2.01 Army Lists

    Download the free Army List generator in Excel for Sword & Spear, a game for Ancient and Medieval combat by Polkovnik Productions and published by Great Excape Games. Updated to version 2.01 and enhanced by NWA member John Shaw. You can also download the PDF army lists in case you want to print and do […]

  • SAGA – Pagan Rus

    SAGA – Pagan Rus

    The Vikings that established themselves in Eastern Europe were known as the Rus. They established a expanding kingdom that eventually became Russia. The Rus have some interesting abilities on the “Battle Board” with great names such as “Biting Like Wolves” and “Endless Wastes”.

  • SAGA – Dark Age Battles

    SAGA – Dark Age Battles

    Saga is a game for playing Dark Age battles. The initially released armies and army lists centred around the British Isles and nearby countries. The main rules included Vikings, Anglo-Danish, Normans and Welsh. Due to the popularity of the game, Anglo-Saxons, Bretons, Jomsvikings and Scots were added in a supplement called “Northern Fury”.

  • Convoy to Arkangelsk

    Convoy to Arkangelsk

    Convoy to Arkangelsk, Summer, 1942. It was just after half way through the year of ’42 when the convoy set forth from Scotland, bound to bring aid to our Russian allies. Only a small convoy was able to be formed from the available merchant ships as many were not ready in time. The dockyards were working […]

  • Convoy to Borneo

    Convoy to Borneo

    Last Saturday, we here at NWA in Melbourne had a visit from Mal Wright of Adelaide, who brought with him a demo of his forthcoming module in his WW2 convoy series which deals with Japanese convoys in the Pacific. This is an add-on to a system he has already had published. Mal is a prolific rules […]

  • Island Cruiser Patrol

    Island Cruiser Patrol

    With two opposing fleets assembling amongst the Pacific islands, both sides were probing for weaknesses. Neither fleet was yet ready to take on the other, but they were keen to gain moral advantage before the oncoming battle. Two cruiser forces were on intersecting courses. A British cruiser force was heading east, patrolling a line past which […]

  • Resupply at Camugra Island

    Resupply at Camugra Island

    World War 2 in the Pacific. Light easterly winds. Visibility 23,000 yards. Hot as Hades. The British cruiser force steamed north through the islands, hunting for Japanese ships. A coastwatch observer had alerted them to a small Japanese force in the vicinity. The Japanese were aware that the islands were used as a base to refuel […]

  • FOGN Rule of Thum

    FOGN Rule of Thum

    At the start of October 1813, the Prussians and Russians were trying to evict the French from Saxony. The Prussian corps of Bülow was aware that a French corps under Bertrand was operating in the area south of Chemnitz, in Saxony. By early afternoon, the Prussian advanced guard had passed the village of Ehrenfriedersdorf. They […]

  • FOGN Army List and Label Generator

    FOGN Army List and Label Generator

    Download the free Army List and Label Generator program for Field of Glory Napoleonic. Written by NWA member John Shaw, this is a spreadsheet for Excel 2010 which has been endorsed by Slitherine Ltd. It uses pull-down menus to easily choose the units you want in your FOGN army. The program automatically generates the points […]

  • FOGN Let’s Talk About the Turn Sequence

    The turn sequence for Field of Glory Napoleonics is straightforward, but it does have some subtle effects that make the game very interesting. To fully understand the turn sequence, please see the Field of Glory Napoleonic rulebook. But before you do that, click on “read more” for a discussion of some of the points of […]

  • Napoleonic Figure Gallery – Map of Europe

    Napoleonic Figure Gallery – Map of Europe

    This article contains a gallery of figures used for Field of Glory Napoleonics. Click on the “read more” to show a large map of Europe. Then just click on the appropriate areas of the map of Europe to display some photos from the armies related to that country.