Great Britain

Figure gallery of Napoleonic figures from Great Britain.

Great Britain was the implacable foe of Napoleon. Sir John Moore led the British army which came to the aid of the Spanish. However, years of neglect and poor organisation left the Spanish army in a hopeless position and the British army arrived too late. Left in the middle of the country when Napoleon turned against them, they were forewarned just in time and endured a horrific retreat over snow encrusted mountains to be evacuated by ship from Corunna. Here they turned to inflict a check on the French under Marshal Soult, which allowed them to complete their embarkation. Unfortunately Sir John Moore was mortally wounded during the battle.

Arthur Wellesley, later Lord Wellington. The victories in Spain, with the aid of the Portuguese and Spanish people, contributed to Napoleon’s downfall. Salamanca is often regarded as Wellington’s greatest victory. Previously known only in Europe as a defensive general, Salamanca showed his ability to launch a well timed counter-attack.


Steadfast and well trained.






Included the famous, but unreliable, rocket troop (the rockets were unreliable, not the troop).




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