What’s on Sale @ Bring and Buy Autumn 2023

List of items currently for sale on the bring and buy stall. If you want to have your items listed in advance of Autumn Sale Day remember to register here

Painted Armies and Terrain

25/28mm40k Deathwatch Firstborn Army (with case)
includes 20 Firstborn Deathwatch Veterans,
4 Vanguard Veterans, 3 Bikes, Drop Pod,
Apothecary, Chaplain, Inquisitor, Watch Master
and custom Speeder Corvus Balckstar proxy.
25/28mmfully painted Space Dwarf Army
4 tanks, 3 Walkers, 40+ infantry
made by Mantic Games
15mm15mm Teutonic Army
90 Cavalry figures + 284 Infantry figures
with magnetised bases.
Custom carrycase with removeable trays.
15mm15mm Ottoman Army
4 elephants, 40 cavalry and 169 infantry figures.
25/28mmWarhammer 40K Space Marine Army.
26 Marines,11 Scouts, 10 Terminators + Lord
5 Assault squad, Chaplain, Dreadnought
Predator, Rhino, Land Raider, Land Speeder
25/28mmWarmachine/Hordes Trollblood Army
Sold as a bundle (battlefoam bag included)
Retail Price over $2000, asking for $500 ONO
See picture for units
SOLD25/28mmBlood bowl minotaur, dwarf doctor, and 2 coaches.
Also comes with board and fold up foam carry
case/crowd stands scenery fold out.
25/28mmA flyer and selection of various dark sci-fi humans
in 28mm or 1/56th scale.
SOLD25/28mmMDF sci-fi forklift and
various plastic ruined walls and barriers
25/28mmWarhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines$40
25/28mmGaslight army made by Ian Hemmings. 
Two of the vehicles are shown, there are troops also.


Sold15mmD-Day Beach Battlemap – Gale Force 9$20
25/28mmTech Catwalk Set 1 – MicroArtStudio$40
25/28mmIndustrial Scenery – Bandua$30
25/28mmSilhouette Cut Timber Framed Cottage – 4Ground$25
25/28mmCurved Modular Building – Plastcraft Games$15
25/28mmDouble Module Building – Plastcraft Games$20
25/28mmIndustrial Tower – Bandua$10
25/28mmLevel 1 Walkway – Systema Gaming$20
25/28mmWalkway 2 Levels – Systema Gaming$20
25/28mmIndustrial Scenery Pack 1$30
25/28mmIndustrial Scenery Pack 2$30
25/28mmNew Paranoia’ Retaining Walls – CNC Workshop$12
25/28mmCity Park Scenery – TT Combat$10
25/28mmRuined City Corner – CNC Workshop$15
25/28mmHigh Square Industrial Tower – Bandua$15
25/28mmIndustrial Ramp – Bandua$10
25/28mmIndustrial Tower Crossing – Bandua$15
25/28mmAssorted Fences – Rendra Scenics$15
25/28mmAssorted Fences – Rendra Scenics$15
OtherSandbags 1/35 – Juweela$10
25/28mm, 20mmSet of six 2’x2′ hard plastic urban terrain boards$120
25/28mmComputer Mainframe laser cut terrain (MIP)15
25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, OtherZuzzy 3×3 Sulphur Fields rubber gaming mat (MIP)40
25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, OtherZuzzy terrain-Limestone Spires (5 pieces) unpainted25
25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, OtherZuzzy terrain-Sulphur Mounds (5 pieces) unpainted25
25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, OtherZuzzy terrain-Sulphur Vents (5 pieces) undercoated25
25/28mm, 20mm, 15mm, OtherZuzzy terrain-Sulphur Hills (3 pieces) unpainted25
25/28mm65 sprues Mantic industrial terrain (some painted)175
25/28mm, 20mm9 Hirst Arts moulds ($12 each)12
SOLD25/28mm3 (different) Sarissa Old West shops ($15 each)$15
SOLD25/28mm4Ground Old West Gallows terrain$15
25/28mm2 AT-43 ice crystal terrain set ($15 each)$15
20 small (2cm) rubber skulls$10
5 rows (11 cm each) of icicle detailing pieces$8
25/28mmGW Ruined Walls$30


SOLD25/28mmPirazzos Lost Legion (20 x Pikemen/Crossbows)
– Warhammer Fantasy – GW
SOLD15mmM113A1 APC – Flashpoint Miniatures$15
SOLD15mmM113A1 APC – Flashpoint Miniatures$15
SOLD15mmANZAC Vietnam Rifle Platoon – Flashpoint Miniatures$25
SOLD15mmANZAC Vietnam Rifle Platoon – Battlefront Miniatures$25
SOLD15mmANZAC Vietnam SAS Patrol – Flashpoint Miniatures$15
SOLD15mmANZAC Vietnam SAS Troop – Flashpoint Miniatures$20
15mm2 x Matador Trucks – WW2 – Zvezda$15
SOLD15mmANZAC Vietnam Company Headquarters$20
SOLD20mmGotha G.V WW1 Bomber – Roden$35
20mmJunkers J-1 WW1 Fighter – Eduard$20
20mmSPAD XIII WW1 Fighter – Eduard$20
20mmWW1 British Infantry – Airfix$7
20mmAirco DH-2 WW1 Fighter – Eduard$20
20mmWW1 German Infantry – Airfix$7
20mmNapoleonic Artillery (4 guns) – HaT? 1/72nd$10
20mmNapoleonic Artillery x 4 guns – HaT? 1/72nd$10
SOLD25/28mmBlack Powder Waterloo starter set. Open Unused$60
SOLD25/28mmAssembled Unpainted British Line Infantry – Perry Miniatures$20
OtherFokker Friendship F-27$5
OtherOak and Iron Core Box – Firelock Games$60
OtherOak and Iron Ships of the Line (1st, 2nd, 3rd Rates) – Firelock Games$30
OtherOak and Iron Blackbeards Revenge – Firelock Games$20
OtherOak and Iron Men of War (4th, 5th, 6th Rates) – Firelock Games$30
20mmShort Sunderland + Detail parts – Airfix$70
SOLDOtherFokker D.IIIX – Wings of War – Nexus Games$15
OtherTerran Alliance Starter Fleet – Firestorm Armada – Spartan Games$45
OtherRaider Characters x 3 (32mm) – Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Modiphius$30
OtherInstitute Synths x 6 (32mm) – Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Modiphius$60
OtherMarauder Corvettes – Firestorm Armada – Spartan Games$20
OtherRelthoza Escorts – Firestorm Armada – Spartan Games$20
25/28mmMale Apocalypse Survivors – Wargames Factory$25
OtherT-74 Tank – ESCI$30
OtherBTR-70 Wheeled APC – Dragon$30
OtherWeirdWest Cowgirl (Perdita) – Wyrd Miniatures$10
SOLD25/28mmPossessed Beastmen x 3
Mordheim – Games Workshop
OtherCowboys 3 x 5 (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$15
OtherCowboys 2 x 5 (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$15
OtherCowboys + Dog x 5 (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$15
25/28mmPinkerton Detectives x 3 – Artizan$10
SOLD25/28mmWestern Female Gang x 7$20
OtherCowgirls x 5 (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$10
OtherMexican Gang Boss (Jefe) – (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$10
OtherFrankie Lee (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$10
OtherMiss Scarlet + Horse (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$10
OtherCoburn OTT Cowboy (32mm) – Black Scorpion Miniatures$10
25/28mmNative American Warriors x 6$15
SOLD25/28mmApache Warriors x 6$15
25/28mm7th Cavalry Troopers x 7 – Foundry Miniatures$20
25/28mm7th Cavalry Command Group x 3 – Artizan$15
SOLD25/28mmWitch Hunter Captain – Mordheim – Games Workshop$15
SOLD25/28mmMiddenheim Youngbloods – Mordheim – Games Workshop$15
SOLD25/28mmMiddenheim Captain – Mordheim – Games Workshop$15
SOLD25/28mmBretonian Knight – Warhammer/Mordheim – Games Workshop$15
25/28mmWarhammer 40K: Adepta Sororitas/Sisters of Battle parts$30
20mmFormaPlane (vacformed) 1/72nd scale IAR 80
Intended for the experienced modeller.
25/28mmCessna A-37 Dragonfly 1/48th scale – built
Assumed to be complete. Some parts will need re-gluing.
Sold20mmHasegawa 1/72nd scale Leopold with support train$50
20mmRevell 1/72nd scale Su-25 Frogfoot$20
20mmHobbyden 1/72nd scale T-72$15
20mmHobbyden 1/72nd scale BTR-70$15
20mmHobbyden 1/72nd scale Pickup$15
25/28mmDark Elf Sorceress – Avatars of War$10
25/28mmGrot Weapons (plastics missing) – GorkaMorka – Games Workshop$10
25/28mmSpace Marine Captain (Bolt Gun Missing) – WH40K – Games Workshop$10
SOLD25/28mmUnderhive Scum x 2 – Necromunda – Games Workshop$20
25/28mmEldar Decals – WH40K – Games Workshop$5
25/28mmFemale Pirate – Freebooter Minatures$10
25/28mmNavy Midshipman – Northstar Miniatures$15
25/28mmPirate Captain – Laughing Monk Miniatures$10
25/28mmPirate Captain$10
25/28mmPirate Female – Black Cat Bases$10
25/28mmPirate Female – Black Cat Bases$10
25/28mmPirate Captain$10
25/28mmPirate Pistols – Freebooter Miniatures$10
25/28mmScurvy Dogs II x 3 – Artizan Designs$15
25/28mmScurvy Dogs x 3 – Artizan Designs$15
25/28mmJuan Corsos Buccaneers x 3 – Artizan Designs$15
25/28mmPirate Special Weapons – Freebooter Miniatures$10
25/28mmPirate/Cowboy Firearms$5
25/28mmElf Female – Freebooter Miniatures$10
25/28mmPirates x 3 – Black Cat Miniatures$15
OtherBot Wars Infester Army$120
25/28mmWarhammer 40,000 Dark Angel Chaplain$10
SOLD25/28mmWarlord Games Ashigaru (7)$10
25/28mmWarhammer 40,000 Ork Lootas$40
25/28mmNecromunda Enforcers$40
25/28mmHeresy Miniatures Ghouls (4)$10
25/28mmWeird War II Power Armour (15)$30
25/28mmAge of Sigmar Mortisan Soulreaper$10
25/28mmHellDorado Squmata Trackers$5
25/28mmHellDorado Damned of Wrath$5
25/28mmMalifaux Witchling Stalkers$5
25/28mm28mm “Oddball” Firefly$30
25/28mmZulu War – British Line Infantry –
NOTE: Only 16 infantry and 4 Command – Warlord Games
25/28mmHail Caesar – Imperial Roman Veterans –
20 Figures – Warlord Games
25/28mmHot & Dangerous – Jackie the Pirate –
Wargamer Games Studio
25/28mmHot & Dangerous – Lagertha the Shield Maiden –
Wargamer Games Studio
25/28mmHot & Dangerous – Maxima The Centurion –
Wargamer Games Studio
25/28mmSAGA – Crusader Knights (HearthGuard) x 4 –
Gripping Beast
25/28mmSAGA – Crusader Knights (HearthGuard) x 4 –
Gripping Beast
25/28mmSAGA – Crusader Sergeants x 8 – Gripping Beast$20
25/28mmSAGA – Crusader Warlord – Gripping Beast$10
25/28mmSAGA – Crusader Warlord w/Double Handed Axe –
Gripping Beast
25/28mmTerminator Guardian (Terminator 2 Arnie) – Warlord Games$10
SOLD25/28mmHail Caesar- Ancient British Warriors x 40 – Warlord Games$30
SOLD25/28mmThe English Army 1415-1429 x 36 – Perry Miniatures$30
25/28mmMedieval Archers x 28 – Conquest Games$30
25/28mmRoman Tribunes x 6 – Foundry Miniatures$15
25/28mmHail Caesar – Roman General and Dog – Warlord Games$15
25/28mmHail Caesar – Mounted Roman General and Dog – Warlord Games$15
SOLD25/28mmBlood Bowl – Skaven Team – Games Workshop – Part Painted$30
25/28mmZulu War – Married Zulu Warriors –
32 plastic Infantry + 1 Metal Command – Warlord Games
SOLD25/28mmHail Caesar – Conquest of Gaul Starter Set – Warlord Games$60
25/28mmKingdom of Britannia – Line Infantry x 6 – Spartan Games $15
Dystopian Legion
25/28mmKingdom of Britannia – Musician – Spartan Games
Dystopian Legion
25/28mmSteampunk IHMN – Lord Curr’s Company – Northstar$30
25/28mmKingdom of Britannia – Sergeant and Officer – Spartan Games
Dystopian Legion
OtherBlack Seas Starter Set – Warlord Games$60
25/28mmRorkes Drift Battle Set (old edition c.2012)$300
SOLD25/28mm28mm Foundry Dacians, 155 infantry, 18 cavalry$50
15mmHussite army$50
25/28mmA song of ice and fire (Baratheon wardens, sentinels and stag knights)$20
25/28mmA song of ice and fire (Lannister, Stark and Nights Watch)$25
25/28mmWarmachine Khador gun carriage$20
25/28mm28mm Americans from the Spanish – American war (92 figures, 7 artillery)$40
25/28mmWarmachine Menoth figures, boxes $10, blisters $5$10
25/28mmWarmachine Cygnar figures, boxes $10, blisters $5$10
25/28mmRal Partha Dwarf Steam Cannon$10
25/28mmGround Zero Games Bug eyed Martians$10
25/28mmGF9 Tanks starter (Panther v. Shermans) MIB20
SOLDOtherV1 XWing minis game lot (21 ships cards case etc)160
SOLD25/28mmDMH – Outlaws gang (7 unpainted models)20
SOLD25/28mmDMH – State Police gang (7 unpainted models)20
SOLD25/28mmDMH – Bushranger gang (7 unpainted models)20
SOLD25/28mmDMH Jonathon Pain & Roy Magnum characters($6 each)6
SOLD25/28mmDead Man’s Hand – base rules & cards (mint)25
SOLD25/28mmDead Man’s Hand Down Under – rules & cards (mint)20
30x 30mm resin bases – earth/sand/ash wastes$15
25/28mm20 Dark Ages Archers (Gripping Beast)$15
25/28mm20 Viking Hirdmen (Griping Beast)$20
OtherConquest Hundred Kingdoms half only with rulebook (partially assembled)$120
25/28mmWarmachine Rhulic lot$50
25/28mmAssorted Warmachine Minis ($10 each)$10
25/28mmAssorted Warmachine Minis ($5 each)$5
25/28mmStar Wars Legion Rebel Army includes Battle Kiwi Battle Box and card organisers$200
25/28mmWarmachine Mercs Colossal Earthbreaker with case$80
Large lot Pirates of the Spanish Main$50

Rules, Books and Other Stuff

OtherAssorted Board Games for Sale
Prices on boxes in photo
25/28mmWarhammer 40K Codex: Imperium 1$15
OtherThe Hunters A.D. 2114 –$150
OtherPanzer General : Russian Front Game – Petroglyph Games$50
OtherPolyversal Sci-Fi Rules + Extras – Collins Wargames$100
SOLD25/28mm25mm Round Magnetised Bases – Galeforce 9$8
OtherOutlive Kickstarter Edition + Extras – LaBoitDeJeu Games$120
OtherHurricane : The Last Witnesses – WW2 Fighter ‘Biography’$5
OtherWastelands : The New Apocalypse – Post-Apocalypse Short Stories$5
OtherOutlaws of the Atlantic – Pirate Non-Fiction$10
Board-GamesLego Ramses Pyramid. $40
Board-GamesLove Letter Batman$5
Board-GamesChez Geek$10
OtherIrredeemable by Mark Waid Complete Trades$100
OtherSpider Kirby Plush$30
OtherDoctor Who Sonic Screwdriver$10
RulebookTribal Rule Books$20
Board-GamesFamous Aces – Wings of War – Nexus Games$40No Pics
Board-GamesWatch your Back! – Wings of War – Nexus Games$40
Board-GamesFlight of the Giants – Wings of War – Nexus Games$40
Board-GamesBurning Drachens – Wings of War – Nexus Games$40
Board-GamesCrossfire Expansion – Wings of War – Nexus Games$20
HOLD Board-GamesImmelman Expansion – Wings of War – Nexus Games$20
Board-GamesRecon Patrol Expansion – Wings of War – Nexus Games$20
Board-GamesTop Fighters Expansion – Wings of War – Nexus Games$20
Board-GamesBattle of Britain Boardgame –
Plastic Soldier Company
Board-GamesBattle of Britain Oversized Campaign Map –
Plastic Soldier Company
Board-GamesBlack Cross/Blue Sky Boardgame – Blue Sky Enterprises$100
Board-GamesLost Squadrons (Black Cross/Blue Sky Expansion) –
Boardgame – Blue Sky Enterprises
General-BooksThe Electric State – Alternative History “Art Book”$40
General-BooksThe Living Dead – Zombie Novel$10
RulebookOsprey books – different series$5
RulebookArms and Armour press – Source books$10
RulebookMontvert publications$10
RulebookSAGA titles ( Northern fury, 1st edition with counters and The crescent and the cross)$10
RulebookWarmachine force books, price is for each book$5
RulebookGW Lord of the Rings force books, price for each book$5
OtherAmerican West DVD$5
Board-GamesMachiavelli Avalon hill board game$50
OtherLast of the Mohicans DVD$5
OtherAlamo DVD$5
General-BooksBritain in Afghanistan 2nd Afghan War$5
General-BooksHell Riders- Charge of the Light Brigade$5
General-BooksCheyenne Memories of the Custer fight$10
General-BooksLakota Recollections of the Custer fight$10
General-BooksIndian Views of the Custer fight$10
General-BooksHokahey! A Good day to die!$10
Board-GamesKingmaker Avalon hill Board game- Excellent condition$50
Board-GamesJunta AEG version- Mint$50
Board-GamesMission Red Planet – FFG version – Mint, played once$50
OtherPaint racks and storage bins$75
Board-GamesTiny Epic Quest (sealed)$20
Board-GamesCrisis Tokyo (sealed)$10
OtherPortable paint case$45
Rulebook, General-BooksAssorted WM and GW books ($5 Each)$5
Rulebook, General-BooksWood Elves and How to Make Terrain books ($20 each)$20