Battletech @ Blackburn

With the 2020 Kickstarter campaign, new plastic miniatures and refreshed boxsets and rulebooks Battletech has experienced a bit of a resurgence. Still early days at NWA, but there are a few people showing interest in both Classic and Alphastrike versions of the game.

Fun fact. More people in Melbourne backed the Clan Invasion Kickstarter than any other city in the world!!

The last Friday meeting in May, saw an epic Battletech battle with 10,000BV per side fought over the Pavonia Septus Airfield. 10 battle mechs from the Marian Hegemony were ambushed by 1 heavy lance of experienced mercenaries determined to prevent them reaching the Marian dropship that landed a couple of clicked away on an extraction mission.

Marian Medium and Light lances enter the western outskirts of the airfield as they run towards their awaiting dropship.

Birdseye view of the impending ambush showing the mercenary lance guarding likely lines of advance.

Cataphract hiding behind the control tower with a Locust in support, Axman holding the highway and the Nightstar taking a dominant position atop of hill.

The Marian lances jump and run forward making use of what cover they can find.

First blood as the scouting Jenner has its leg blown off by the dual gauss cannon of the Nightstar.

The Axman swings and misses the Locust sprinting by, as the Commando unexpectedly gets smacked in the side by the Cataphract.

After breaking through the mercenary line, the light mechs return in the rear to support the slow mediums. Meanwhile the Axman is about to swing its hatchet against the Phoenix Hawk.

A Locust on Locust battle sees the Marian mech lose its centre torso as the Stinger rushes the Nightstar focusing on the larger battlemech ahead.

The Stinger heroically pushes the Nightstar off the step hill, unfortunately receiving a kick from a flying leg in return which cripples it in return.

The Marian Shadow Hawk makes a desparate bid for safety as the ruined wreckage of its lance mates are left sprawled across the airfield for the mercenary regiment to salvage.

Cataphract stands triumphant over a fallen Enforcer.

If you are keen to play some Battletech, drop a line using the Contact Us form, or join the NWA Facebook group.

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