Battle of Albuera


080815aoe07aThis Napoleonic battle from the Peninsular war was played at the Mitcham venue on 15th August 2008. This game was played using the Age of Eagles rules. Jonathon Moore from the Leauge of Ancients club was a guest, commanding the French forces.

This battle was fought by the French army of Marshal Soult against a combined force of British and Portuguese troops under Sir William Beresford with help from their Spanish allies under Joaquim Blake. It was fought on 16th May 1811. Soult was sent to relieve the garrison in the frontier fortress of Badjoz. The battle was a bloody affair. At one stage Beresford’s right flank was turned and the battle was only saved by the steadfast Spanish troops. Their sacrifice gave time for Beresford to rush reserves over to this flank.

The Allies defended the hills around the village of Albuera. Most of the army was deployed to the right of the village, with a small flanking force of two British battalions protecting the left. The right end of the line was refused and held by the Spanish. The French tried to turn the right flank as they did historically.


The cavalry clash was indecisive as the French infantry advanced almost across the whole line. The left flank of the British was the subject of a demonstration to keep it occupied.


Several of the Spanish battalions were badly mauled by the French. However, the Spanish grenadiers held firm. Together, the Spanish had caused enough casualties to halt the French attempt to turn the right flank. With some additional reserves, the French may have been able to press home their advantage. Unfortunately theFrench did not have such reserves and so called off the attack against their more numerous foes.



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