Balin’s Tomb 17-Oct-03

Gimli was distraught to find the tomb of Balin, Lord of Moria, whom he had hoped to meet again. Gimli soon found an outlet for his anger, against the horde of Goblins that swarmed into the room. The Balin’s Tomb scenario pits the Fellowship against a horde of Goblins and a Cave Troll.


Balin’s Tomb

The scenario is a well balanced one. At first it can appear that the Fellowship is heavily outnumbered, but with careful use of Might points, the scenario swings back in favour of the good guys.

Aragorn is a powerful force, particularly with his free Might point. But even he cannot continue to do the impossible every time, so try not to get him continually surrounded. Otherwise his luck will eventually run out. So use the Fellowship in support of each other rather than trying to go solo.

Protecting the Hobbits can be difficult at times. Merry, Pippin and Legolas are the weakest and often the first to die. The power of the team is important, so make sure you use all the different capabilities that the Fellowship have.


If you are running the evil side, use the Goblins to wear down the heroes before committing the Cave Troll. Use it to finish off a weakend hero. Try and separate members of the Fellowship if possible. Keep focussed on the winning conditions bacause you cannot afford to be sidetracked.


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