American Revolution – Background


090307awi07aThe American Revolution (as it is known in North America) or the American War of Independence (as it is known internationally) had its roots in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). The thirteen colonies of Great Britain in North America wanted independance from the heavy tax burdens imposed by the colonial power.

French and Indian wars in North America were part of this wider conflict which resulted in France losing many of her overseas territories.

Although victorious in the Seven Years War, the British taxed their colonies heavily to pay for the cost of the war and also the ongoing protection of the colonies.

Continued ill-feeling about the high taxes and the lack of representation in the parliament of Great Britain, led to the Boston Tea Party (1773). Heavy handedness by Britain escalated the situation and led to the revolution and series of battles that culminated in the independance of the fledgling nation.

The colonists were successful with guerilla tactics. The British look resplendant in their famous red coats.

Above. The colonists were more successful with guerilla tactics but also bravely fought alongside the French and other troops from the continent (Europe) against the British. In open warfare they adopted the typical European linear method of massed ranks.

Above. The British look resplendant in their famous red coats. The British troops were disciplined and fought well although their strategy throughout the war was ill conceived.


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