Age of Eagles – Introduction


aoe1.jpgThe Age of Eagles is a set of brigade level rules for wargaming the wars of Napoleon Bonaparte. The rules are used to fight multi-division, corps or even multi-corps battles such as Borodino, Ligny and Waterloo.

It is based on the popular Fire and Fury rules, which has a large following due to the ease of learning the rules.

aoe1The Age of Eagles is a set of rules for Napoleonic Wargaming. It was based on the popular Fire and Fury rules for the American Civil War. The rules are designed for fighting large scale actions involving corps or whole armies, with the smallest game unit being a brigade. Each infantry or cavalry figure represents 90 men.Ground scale is 1 inch to 120 yards (1 mm : 4.32 m) which is a scale of 1 : 4,320.

Check out the Gallery pages for lots of photos of 15mm figures.

Although not on show much at club meetings yet, several club members use these rules outside the club to fight large 15mm battles.

There is an active Yahoo discussion group and website.


Back cover of the rule book.As with all Napoleonic rules, command and control is important. Each turn to move a brigade, it is necessary to roll a dice and add any applicable factors from a small list. As brigades take casualties, they become harder to control. This may reduce or stop their movement.

In bad cases they may refuse to change formation, retreat or even rout from the table. This severe behaviour tends to only happen towards the end of a battle, when formations become fatigued and casualties mount up.


Italian troops moving through wild grass. Austrian  artillery battery takes up a forward position while an officer looks for likely targets.

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