Alpha Strike 400 PV Tournament
Inner Sphere Combined Arms

A 400 PV combined arms force is a viable option in the Alpha Strike Tournament. It just takes a little finesse to build a force within the tournament restrictions.

Force Registry

Using MUL I have created a 11 unit force with a PV of 400. This force fulfils the criteria as follows:


UnitTypeRoleAmmoBase PV SkillFinal PV HMMf
Alacorn Heavy Tank Mk. VI Combat Vehicle Sniper3934710
Alacorn Heavy Tank Mk. VI Combat Vehicle Sniper3934710
Archer ARC-2R BattleMech Missile BoatLRM Dead Fire (2/3/-) 394398
Atlas AS7-DBattleMech JuggernautLRM Dead Fire (2/2/-) 
AC Precision (2/2/-)
Awesome AWS-8R BattleMech Missile BoatLRM Dead Fire (2/2/-) 384388
Locust LCT-1E BattleMech Scout193235
LRM Carrier Combat Vehicle Missile BoatLRM Dead Fire (24/-) 224225
Manticore Heavy Tank (HPPC) Combat Vehicle Sniper304306
Marauder MAD-3R BattleMech Sniper354357
Thunderbolt TDR-5D BattleMech BrawlerLRM Dead Fire (2/2/-) 
AC Precision (2/2/-)
Wolverine WVR-6M BattleMech Skirmisher324327


FormationFormation TypeNotes
1AssaultArcher Atlas
1 gets Demoraliser each turn
2FireAlacorn Mk V1 (A) Alacorn Mk V1 (B)
Manticore LRM Carrier
2 get Sniper each turn
3SupportAwesome – Sniper
Thunderbolt – Sniper
Wolverine Locust
Supports Fire Lance

Special Pilot

UnitPilot SkillSPA 1SPA 2
Locust LCT-1E 3Speed Demon Float Like a Butterfly (2)
(SPA Cost:2 )(SPA Cost:2 )
Where is that pesky little Locust disappeared off too.

Scenario Tactics

With only 2 units with a MV >= 10″ this force is not fast and therefore needs to play the long game with objectives. Its style of play rewards focusing maximum damage to achieve 50 Heavy Metal Mayhem (HMM) points within the first 3 turns, blasting units of objectives and hoping to get 50 objective points before turn 6.

With 11 units this force can play the initiative game moving the units which can’t do more than move forward first.

On a 3×4′ board long range is not always that important, but this force has lots of long range capability with Sniper. So as long as you have LOS, nothing is safe and this is going to force your opponent to make choices on where to move. Base Assault, is your scenario, you can cripple 1-2 mechs per turn for Bounty Hunting and you have sufficient size to win Domination if you can get into the zone fast enough. The challenge in Interception will be getting that 3rd zone to take you to 100 combined points, so you will be hoping for denial!

Give your Thunderbolt Precision Ammo to deal with high TMM targets, and Dead Fire Missiles provide your LRM armed units additional hitting power at Short and Medium Ranges. Finally you also have sufficient Indirect Fire to target hiding units if you can get you Locust, Wasp or Wolverine with LOS.

Finally 6 turns and 90min means you can’t dawdle and take your time during turns 1-3. You need to have time left to play to your strengths in turns 3-6 so don’t let time get away from you.

Ammo Insights

With lots of LRMs and Autocannons you can load up an ammo bin with alternative ammunition for specific circumstances.

The Thunderbolt and Atlas can take precision ammo for their auto cannon to help deal with high TMM targets like light mechs, VTOL and WIGE combat vehicles. As the scenarios are as much about points denial as capture, precision ammo might make the difference on a critical turn.

5 units have LRMs including the Atlas and Thunderbolt. Given the 4×3″ playing area, most fighting is in short and medium range brackets which is where Dead Fire Ammo comes into its own as it increases damage at this ranges by one but reduces the L attacks to 0. Up close you want to deal as much damage as possible so these missiles are a great option.

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