Alpha Strike Sample Tournament List

Alpha Strike 400 PV Tournament Smoke Jaguar Force

With the Alpha Strike Tournament just around the corner in early March here is an example 400 PV lists using the Force building rule.

Force Registry

Using MUL I have created a 10 unit force with a PV of 400. This force fulfils the criteria as follows:


UnitTypeRoleAmmoBase PV SkillFinal PV HMMf
Black Hawk (Nova) Prime BattleMechSkirmisher414419
Dragonfly (Viper) ABattleMechStriker384388
Elemental BA FlamerInfantryAmbusher204204
Elemental BA FlamerInfantryAmbusher204204
Elemental BA FlamerInfantryAmbusher204204
Fenris (Ice Ferret) PrimeBattleMechStriker4435311
Gladiator (Executioner) PrimeBattleMechSniper5136113
Grendel (Mongrel) PrimeBattleMechStriker4644610
Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) ABattleMechSkirmisher5937115
Puma (Adder) Prime BattleMechSniper304306


FormationFormation TypeNotes
1Striker Ice Ferret , Nova , Viper , Mongrel all get the Speed Deamon SPA with the Adder missing out. This makes the Star fast and highly manoeuvrable
2SupportTimber Wolf, Executioner with the 3 Elemental units gaining Speed Demon from supporting the Striker Star

Special Pilot

UnitPilot SkillSPA 1SPA 2
Timber Wolf3Lucky (2) Sniper
(SPA Cost:2 )(SPA Cost:2 )

Scenario Tactics

With all games played on a 3′ wide 4′ deep board over a max of 6 turns, the four scenarios reward aggressive play and focusing on the objectives.

With lots of speed and close in damage, the Smoke Jaguars are going to focus on dealing enough damage to hit 50 Heavy Metal Mayhem (HMM) points within the first 3 turns and 50+ objective points which will bring the game to an end by achieving 100+ points.

The Striker Star can carry the 3 Elemental units 16-18″ due to Speed Demon giving them a 32-36″ (Mech move) plus 4″ (Elemental move) attack range from the deployment edge during turn 2. This gives the Smoke Jaguars close range damage dealing during Base Assault, objective flooding during Interception and early target identification during Bounty Hunting.

The Smoke Jaguars are fast with size, but don’t have a lot of armour so Domination will be a challenge getting sufficient size within the zone long enough, but they can start scoring from round 2 and should aim to hit 100 points before the enemy swamp them.

Things to Remember

Being Clan the access to alternative ammo is limited. However there are 2 key things to remember with this list.

Your elementals have flamers and therefore inflict Heat on your opponent on a successful short range attack.

With 3 elemental swarm attack a mech with 7 attacks (assuming 1 rear), up to 3 additional critical hits plus up to 2 heat. If you include the ‘transport’ OMNI mechs in the mix a swarm is going to cause a lot of hurt.

Overheating is a valuable and viable tactic for clan mechs, as sometimes you just need to lay down the hurt. So don’t forget!

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