3 Box 400 PV Force

400 PV force using off the shelf Inner Sphere lance boxes.

One of the primary aims of the force construction rules for the NWA Alpha Strike Tournament is the ability to use off the shelf lance packs. This Inner Sphere force uses standard mechs and Alpha Strike cards from the Inner Sphere Battle Lance, Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance and Inner Sphere Heavy Lance box sets.

Force Registry

Using MUL I have created a 12 unit force with a PV of 400. This force fulfils the criteria as follows:


UnitTypeRoleAmmoBase PV SkillFinal PV HMMf
Axman AXM-1NCombat Vehicle SkirmisherAC Precision (2/2/-)
Melee CASE
Bushwacker BSW-X2Combat Vehicle SkirmisherAC Precision (1/1-)
Cataphract CTF-1XBattleMech BrawlerAC Precision (1/1/-)
Rear (1/1/-)
Nightstar NSR-9JBattleMech Juggernaut5136113
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1BattleMechSkirmisher264266
Rifleman RFL-5DBattleMech BrawlerEnergy324327
Warhammer WHM-7MBattleMech BrawlerAnti Missle System354357
Wasp WSP-1SBattleMech ScoutEnergy154153
Banshee BNC-3SBattleMech Juggernaut454459
Centurion CN9-AHBattleMech JuggernautAC Precision (2/2/-)
Grasshopper GHR-5JBattleMech SkirmisherAnti Missle System364368
Hatchetman HCT-3FBattleMech BrawlerAC Precision (1/1/-)


FormationFormation TypeNotes
6 points of Lucky SPA
2SupportPhoenix Hawk
3 points of Lucky SPA
3CommandBanshee – Tactical Genius SPA
Centurion – Blood Stalker SPA
Hatchetman – Combat Intuition SPA

Special Pilot

UnitPilot SkillSPA 1SPA 2
Nightstar NSR-9J3SniperFloat Like a Butterfly (1)
(SPA Cost:3 )(SPA Cost:1 )

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Scenario Tactics

This short company is not subtle with 3 battle lances running as a Battle, Support and Command lances (as per tourney restrictions). So it relies on lots of lucky with 6 re-rolls for the battle lance per game and 3 for the support lance. To put this in perspective if you have any re-rolls left by the 6th turn you have either been really lucky or you haven’t used them enough. The Command is to help with a poor initiative rolls with the Blood Stalker on the Centurion with Precision Ammon and the Hatchman using Combat Intuition to get a preemptive melee strike in.

Whilst not quick it isn’t slow either with only the Nightstar and Banshee having a 6″MV. So getting in quick and close isn’t really an issue and pushing the objectives. Another bonus of this force is the Axman and Hatchman with their Melee weapons which are just cool. Getting 50 Heavy Metal Mayhem (HMM) points within the first 3 turns should be easy, and you have sufficient armour and internals to make this a challenge for your opponent. 2 Anti Missile System blunt LRM and SRM fire and the Energy and CASE equipped mech as immune to the dreaded double 1 criticals.

With 12 units and 3 lances you have the maximum impact on the table. Don’t play slow, move forward and force the issue.

Deploying across the 3′ board edge means you have the option of a full line, or massive concentration of force. The Nightstar brings long range capability but you are going to be fighting at medium and short ranges and there is where you firepower and Lucky SPA will matter most. You don’t want to fluff the rolls dealing serious damage and the re-rolls might be the difference between controlling and objective or not.

You have sufficient Auto Cannons with Precision Ammo for the high TMM threats and if all else fails quantity has a quality of its own.

With not a lot of really heavy damage per mech Base Assault will require concentration of fire whilst neutralising your opponent’s ability to target your bases. In Bounty Hunting close in with the fast mech, identify the bounties and blast away whilst dealing with their scouts. Play your cards right and taking out the key 1/3 of our force might be really hard. You have a good size speed balance to win Domination through attrition. And 12 mechs provides lots of coverage to compete across all Interception objectives.

Remember 6 turns in 90min means you need to get stuck in quick and one of the advantages of your force is that the Heavy Metal Mayhem points are evenly distributed and on the low side per mech. So you can take damage, lose a mech and not really lose out on combat effectiveness.

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