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  • Untitled post 7025

    Salve everyone, we’re now in Ancients & Medieval May! Now is the time to bring out those figures from earlier historical periods that may have been recuperating in a drawer […]

  • Untitled post 6905

    We’re well into March now and we’ve seen plenty of fantastic activities at our venues. The Great Airfield Raid returned for 2024, and the grand spectacle we’ve come to expect […]

  • Untitled post 6727

    As our first foray into hosting an Alpha Strike tournament the day was a great success. Our focus was on having some fun games and building the BattleTech community, on […]

  • Untitled post 6743

    Half way through February and we have already seen plenty of games, smiling faces and a really good atmosphere at Friday night and Saturday afternoon meetings. Everyone attending the last […]

  • Untitled post 6724

    When playing Alpha Strike I see some newer players surprised when they encounter units with TMM of 4, 5 or even 6. The culprits for this are generally lighter fast […]

  • Untitled post 6722

    This post is about unit efficiency and spotting a threat. In teaching others to play they can lack the BattleTech Encyclopaedia imprinted on my brain so these rules of thumb […]

  • Untitled post 6715

    The NWA is made keen to have an Ogre and play in the NWA Alpha Strike Tournament . The Ogre maybe from an alternative universe but the Battletech universe does […]

  • Untitled post 6662

    400 PV force using off the shelf Inner Sphere lance boxes. One of the primary aims of the force construction rules for the NWA Alpha Strike Tournament is the ability […]

  • Untitled post 6676

    Welcome to another fantastic year of games and events at NWA! We’ve had our first and well-attended meeting of 2024 at Blackburn, and the three-day Napoleonic extravaganza at the same […]

  • Untitled post 6632

    Alpha Strike 400 PV Tournament Inner Sphere Combined Arms A 400 PV combined arms force is a viable option in the Alpha Strike Tournament. It just takes a little finesse […]

  • Untitled post 6609

    Alpha Strike 400 PV Tournament Smoke Jaguar Force With the Alpha Strike Tournament just around the corner in early March here is an example 400 PV lists using the Force […]