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  •  Army lists to download to suit the Iron Duke Napoleonic rules. The army lists are stored on the computer and can be modified for different battles. The lists include the […]

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    This article explains the basic unit sizes, figure scales, ground scales and time scales which can be used with the Iron Duke computer moderated game. The system is flexible and it is […]

  • Figure gallery of Napoleonic figures from the Kingdom of Prussia.

  • Figure gallery of Napoleonic figures from Spain.

  • Figure gallery of Napoleonic figures from the Russian Empire.

  • Figure gallery of Napoleonic figures from the French army.

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    Iron Duke is a Napoleonic simulation where the heavy number crunching is done by a computer and the wargamers are left to concentrate on tactics. This allows the program to […]

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    Carnage & Glory II is a computer moderated rule system. What that means is that you still play your wargame with figures (or counters if you prefer) aided by a […]

  • Army list and order of battle to download for Carnage & Glory II. These files are for the battle of Gross Beeren, which occurred on the 23rd August 1813. They […]

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    Carnage & Glory II has a turn sequence that is similar to many paper based wargame rules. The computer prompts for each part of the turn and keeps track of […]

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    Basing for The Age of Eagles follows similar basing conventions to the popular Napoleon’s Battles. There are some subtle differences, but theseare onlyimportant if you are basing from scratch. Many […]

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    The turn sequence of The Age of Eagles starts with a roll-off for initiative. The player that wins has the choice of going first or second for that turn. This […]