Cheezecon – Necromunda 19-Oct-07

Held at the Mitcham venue of Nunawading Wargames Association on a Friday night, was the Necromunda non-serious “tournament” for Cheezecon.

The Necromunda “tournament” was organised by James Wright and Brendan Day.

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Cheezecon is a series of fun tournaments in a variety of wargames. They are a tongue-in-cheek celebration of standard tournaments. Ideally suited to beginners and to encourage players to try games they may not normally play. The tournament encourages players to take really “Cheezy” armies. These are the ones that are legal within the rules, but may stretch the boundaries. The armies may be really powerful or too weak or just a really interesting theme that might not do well in a normal tournament.

Co-ordinated by Craig Wyton, October has became “the month of Cheeze” at NWA.

Kindly sponsored by Mind Games (Melbourne).


A clever setup of terrain for the competition. The one massive table was used to fight all the skirmish battles. Players just used part of it for each battle.

Some of the great scenery put together by James Wright and Brendan Day.

The competition in full swing.

Lots of high ground and plenty of places to seek cover.

There are plenty of prizes and some rather wacky ways of winning them. You not only score points for winning games, but also for your army composition (how “cheezy” is it really). There are bonus points for having really “Cheezy” armies. But beware! There are “no prizes for second place”. No one can win more than one prize, so plenty of people walk away with a prize. And since all players get a chance secretly to use “evil manipulation points” to alter opponents’ scores up OR down, no one really knows who will win a prize until the last minute. It amuses the players and totally confuses the scorer. But that is part of the fun that is Cheezecon.


Being a smaller competition, Craig decided to award 1st prize to 3rd place. This went to Brody; a great result as he is a relative newcomer to Necromunda.

James Wright won 2nd prize for 1st place.

PLAYER Points Bonus Points Prize
James Wright 132 72 2nd prize (1st place)
Adam 117 67 No prizes for 2nd place
Brody Mallegrom 92 92 1st prize (3rd place)
Brendan Day 67 37  

Tournament organiser Craig Wyton presents Brody with a voucher for 1st prize from Mind Games Melbourne.

Another sterling job of umpiring and tournament running by the Cheezemeister Craig Wyton. Here he congratulates the 2nd place getter James.

The gangs getting into a serious rumble.

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