Cheezecon – Lord of the Rings 19-Oct-07


The biggest turn out for Cheezecon this year was for Lord of the Rings, held at the Mitcham venue of Nunawading Wargames Association Inc. (NWA). A mix of experienced and new players experienced the wackiness and fun of Cheezecon, a non-serious tournament.

The Lord of the Rings “tournament” was organised by Jeremy Shannon and Craig Wyton.

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Cheezecon is a series of fun tournaments in a variety of wargames. They are a tongue-in-cheek celebration of standard tournaments. Ideally suited to beginners and to encourage players to try games they may not normally play. The tournament encourages players to take really “Cheezy” armies. These are the ones that are legal within the rules, but may stretch the boundaries. The armies may be really powerful or too weak or just a really interesting theme that might not do well in a normal tournament.

Co-ordinated by Craig Wyton, October has became “the month of Cheeze” at NWA.


Kindly sponsored by Military Simulations and Mind Bogglers of Croydon.

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Khandish army of John Shaw. The Khandish figures are based on a combination of historical Mongol and Samurai dress.

It was good to see the return of Matt at Cheezecon. Hee he is up against David Leonard

Jeremy versus Tom.

Warg riders race in to attack the Wood Elves.

Ben versus Murray.

A tightly packed melee.

Uruk-hai looking fearsome.

Goblins with some heavy support from a Cave Troll.

Army of the Dead with some Wood Elves.

Ringwraiths on the prowl..

Thousand Sons sub-letting the apartment, having said goodbye to the previous tenants.

Never trust a guy in a funny hat that mumbles incantations at you.

There are plenty of prizes and some rather wacky ways of winning them. You not only score points for winning games, but also for your army composition (how “cheezy” is it really). You get 4th prize for first place or most bonus points. You get 1st Prize for finishing fourth. You win a prize if you come last. But since you get bonus points for losing every game it is not that easy to come last!

There are bonus points for having really “Cheezy” armies. But beware! There are “no prizes for second place”. No one can win more than one prize, so plenty of people walk away with a prize. And since all players get a chance secretly to use “evil manipulation points” to alter opponents’ scores up OR down, no one really knows who will win a prize until the last minute. It amuses the players and totally confuses the scorer. But that is part of the fun that is Cheezecon.


Some very close results with this tournament. In true Cheezecon style it was the evil manipulation points that decided just about all of the prizes. Only one point separated 1st and 2nd place and only one point separated 3rd and 4th place.

Tom Brake won 3rd prize for last place, but had been in 4th place after the provisional results. With some strong (unasked for) polling, he surprised all by ending in last place after all the evil manipulation points.. These are where each player can give up to +10 or -10 to another player, but not themselves. These place getters all won vouchers from our great sponsor Military Simulations.

In a very close competition, John Shaw won 5th prize for “Most Coveted Army” for his Khandish warriors with their chariots and colourful Samurai style back banners. He won a great Lord of the Rings scenario book kindly donated by Mind Bogglers of Croydon.

PLAYER Points Bonus Points Prize
Travis Stephenson 123 57 4th prize (1st place)
Ben Shannon 122 62 No prizes for 2nd place
Murray Shaw 94 86 2nd prize (most bonus points)
Teirnan 93 47 1st prize (4th place)
Danny Leonard 90 58  
David Leonard 84 64  
John Shaw 81 43 5th prize (most coveted army)
William/Phillip 78 52  
Matt 76 32  
Jeremy Shannon 76 68  
Yarrek 75 37  
Tom Brake 57 63 3rd prize (last place)

The happy team of Lord of the Rings players.

A happy umpire is a good umpire.

Tiernan got 1st prize in a very close contest, gaining a great voucher from Military Simulations.

Craig gives Murray his voucher from Military Simulations for gaining most bonus points.

Tom polled lots of evil manipulation points to drop down to last place – gaining a prize.

Travis finally broke his run of “No Prizes for Second Place” and got 4th prize for coming in 1st place.

Craig awarding prize for “Most Coveted Army” to John Shaw. Prize kindly donated by Mind Bogglers of Croydon.

Part of John Shaw’s coveted army.

Ben Shannon showing what it feels like having “No Prizes for 2nd Place”.

The spectacular Balrog and Troll were used as objective markers for this Elf army of Danny.

All the scenery was kindly provided by John Shaw and Jeremy Shannon.

Tiernan’s Men of Minas Tirith had a more colourful shield than the standard.

David’s Haradrim, with their blue cloaks.

In this scenario the predator you had to roll to see if each unit made it on to the table. The predator had to sit the game out but the dreadnought got to deep strike later on.

Ben’s Wose warriors with Dwarf allies up against Jeremy’s Barrow Wights and Orcs.

Murray’s Ringwraiths up against Wood Elves.

Matt’s Army of the Dead with Elf allies up against Tom’s Troll and Goblins.

Travis used Rohan outriders against Yarrek’s Uruk-hai army.

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