Cheezecon – Warhammer 40K 13-Oct-07


Cheezecon is a wacky tournament you are having when you are not having a tournament. It is a fun experience and being competitive just doesn’t count.

The Warhammer 40K “tournament” was organised by the founder of Cheezecon – Craig Wyton.

Click to open the Word document with the details for Cheezecon 2007 – Warhammer 40K.

The Warhammer 40K Cheezecon tournament is always a friendly affair and attracts many inexperienced players who always wanted to play 40K due to the due to the casual atmosphere. It is the non-serious natue of Cheezecon that allows many players to go to the cupbaords, wipe the dust off their armies and send them in to battle once agian.

Co-ordinated by Craig Wyton, October has became “the month of Cheeze” at NWA.

Kindly sponsored by Military Simulations and Mind Games (Melbourne).





Let the battle commence.

Craig Wyton – the Cheezemeister.

Early on it is hard to tell who is winning.

The Space Orks line up against the Space Wolves.

Danny versus Murray.

Predator with coruscating flame. Of course, being a prime target, it got taken out in the first turn of every game.

With the recent update released of the Chaos Space Marines, the Lord of Change no longer exists until the Codex Daemonica book is published (due 2008) but can quite happily be used as a generic greater daemon.

Thousand Sons slowly and purposefully move forward.

Imperial Guard with some heavy firepower.

More Imperial Guard.

Thousand Sons in their new open air apartment, having said goodbye to the previous tenants.

Never trust a guy in a funny hat that mumbles incantations at you.

There are plenty of prizes and some rather wacky ways of winning them. You not only score points for winning games, but also for your army composition (how “cheezy” is it really). You get 4th prize for first place or most bonus points. You get 1st Prize for finishing fourth. You win a prize if you come last. But since you get bonus points for losing every game it is not that easy to come last!

There are bonus points for having really “Cheezy” armies. But beware! There are “no prizes for second place”. No one can win more than one prize, so plenty of people walk away with a prize. And since all players get a chance secretly to use “evil manipulation points” to alter opponents’ scores up OR down, no one really knows who will win a prize until the last minute. It amuses the players and totally confuses the scorer. But that is part of the fun that is Cheezecon.


Young David Leonard won 1st prize by coming fourth in a very close battle.

Travis Stephenson again cast a stranglehold on “No Prizes for Second Place” as in previous years. Unfortunately he missed out on 4th prize for “Most Bonus Points”, so this went to a dice off between Tiernan and Ben, with the latter coming out on top.

Murray Shaw worked very hard to achieve last place. Due to various bonus points for losing games it is actually not easy to come last in a Cheezecon tournament!

Danny Leonard got the “beard” prize for the special rule he added to his codex – “All Black Templar models are invincible”.

PLAYER Points Bonus Points Prize
Tiernan 132 87 Lost 4th prize in dice off
Travis Stephenson 97 92 No prizes for 2nd place (by dice off)
Ben Plimmer 97 87 4th prize (most bonus points) (by dice off)
David Leonard 87 72 1st prize (4th place)
Danny Leonard 67 47 Prize for Cheeziest rule use
John Shaw 57 47 2nd prize (most coveted army)
Emil Zanettin 52 27 Best proxy model
Murray Shaw 52 22 3rd prize (last place)

More Space Wolves enter the fray.

Craig tots up the results as some hopeful participants look on.

Craig announcing the results.

Travis comes second again (oops).

Murray worked hard for last place – not easy to achieve.

David wins the first prize (by coming 4th).

David gets a voucher from one of our great sponsors, Military Simulations.

John Shaw won “Most Coveted Army” for his Thousand Sons and a voucher from another of our great sponsors, Mind Games Melbourne.

Murray Shaw won a great voucher thanks to Mind Games Melbourne prize for coming last with his Nurgle army.

Ben was happy to be part of Cheezecon.

An Eldar Avatar from Epic was pressed into service as a proxy model, winning a prize for Emil.

Tiernan missed out on a prize in the roll-off but Ben snuck though into 4th prize after tying for most bonus points.

The spectacular traitor Valkyrie in Thousand Sons colours was not part of the army, but a terrain piece that accompanied it!

Battle ready, and ready to go.

What is wider than a Hummer and heavier than a Hummer, but gets you there on time?

Head on past the green tape measure until you reach the Gondorian statue. Then turn left at the red die with the 6 on it. Then it’s straight on to the command bunker.

In this scenario you had to roll to see if each unit made it on to the table. The predator had to sit the game out but the dreadnought got to deep strike later on.

Murray Shaw’s Nurgle army looking suitably pestilent.

Imperial Guard advancing.

More Nurgle.

A rather vicious looking bunch.

There were three dreadnoughts in this army. . .

. . . and some heavy support . . .

. . . and a mighty character.

Travis Stephenson’s biker Ork.

Some of these are earlier Gorka Morka vehicles, still looking good.

Thousnd Sons fighting a dreadnought.

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