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FOGN at Mitcham 3-Dec-10

101203mitchamThe last meeting at Mitcham for 2010 was SILLY HAT NIGHT. One of the games being played was a playtest version of the Field of Glory Napoleonics rules.

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Field of Glory - Napoleonics

Several of our club members are official playtesters for this game, due for release in the 1st half of 2012. This is a regimental level game of Napoleonic warfare. John and Mark used 18mm figures for this game of a Russian corps versus a French corps.

The Russians advanced along the river valley, towards the French defensive position based around the town of Srednekolymsk. Artillery and skirmish fire erupted along the whole line. The cavalry clash on the wing occurred early as the Russian right wing did not want to get caught amongst the terrain. This action could have gone either way, but proved decisive as the Russian cavalry broke the French. Panic spread on the French left wing, causing the already wavering infantry at the left end of the French line to flee. Even before the Russian cavalry reached them. The French decided a general withdrawal was advisable before their whole line was rolled up, allowing the Russian officers to enjoy a noisy vodka or two that afternoon in the liberated town.