Age of Eagles - Turn Sequence

071114wagram13The turn sequence of The Age of Eagles starts with a roll-off for initiative. The player that wins has the choice of going first or second for that turn. This could be used to go second in one turn and then first the next turn, effectively having two turns in a row. At times this can be used to effectively crack through a defense and then follow up straight away before the defense could be re-organised. It won't always work, but when it does it can be quite effective. 

A French line brigade. Figures are from Battle Honours. For the Age of Eagles rules, each turn represents 30 minutes. Sequence is :-
  1. Initiative roll-off by players.
  2. Movement by 1st player.
  3. Shooting by 2nd player, then by 1st player.
  4. Combats are resolved by both players
  5. Breakthrough movement by 1st player and breakthrough combats if any.
  6. Movement by 2nd player.
  7. Shooting by 1st player, then by 2nd player.
  8. Combats are resolved by both players.
  9. Breakthrough movement by 2nd player and breakthrough combats if any.
Hungarian troops of the Austrian army were identified by their blue breeches with the yellow Austrian brigade composed of several regiments.